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When you first see photos of TreeHouse Point, you can’t resist adding it to your list of must-visit places.  The images are magical! Then you start researching a stay on their website.


You find out reservations are hard to come by (especially for the more prominent tree houses), it’s somewhat costly, and there are a lot of rules and stipulations on the website. Overall, it can be a little intimidating. I couldn’t help wondering, “Is this place worth it?”

Where Do You Go To The Bathroom In A Treehouse?

Six of the seven tree houses have a toilet. And just a short walk on a lit path from your treehouse, in the center of the facility, you’ll find full, lovely bathrooms.


They have a shower and all the goodies you need for your comfort. The one I stayed in had a toilet, which was nice for those late-night needs!

Washington treehouse point
Large treehouse
Treehouse Point Balcony

You cannot show up on site until you receive a code (via email) that lets you into the gate, just before check-in time. Again, a little intimidating, right? But when I pulled into the property and was greeted by a staff member with a huge smile and introduction, I was instantly put at ease.


She showed me the facility and the areas that were open to the guests: lodge fireplace and seating area, outdoor firepit with smore kits, private label wines for purchase, and breakfast area for the morning.


At that moment, I realized all the guidelines were in place to ensure guests could immerse themselves in this secluded, private, heavily wooded, storybook property. 

treehouse at night

Pack A Picnic

Instead of heading off property for dinner, pack a picnic to enjoy in your tree house, walk down to the river and relax in the Adirondack chairs provided, or toss a blanket out over the rocky shore for your picnic spread. I brought sparkling wine, cheese, a fresh baguette, berries, sliced pears, spinach dip, and jalapeno chips! 

Luckily, I was the first guest to arrive and could slowly traverse the paths between the seven tree houses, and bath house, and explore the unique style of each.


All are extremely different and have a characteristic and view that would provide a wonderful experience. Now that I have visited TreeHouse Point, I can say that any of the treehouses would be amazing. While one may have a larger interior or a second story, others have a little patio with seating or a raised pathway across the forest to the front door.


One may view the pond, stocked with rainbow trout, and another views the massive trees covered in moss. The entire property has perfectly manicured pathways through 100% native flora and fauna, with a beautiful stream winding through from the pond to the river. 

Did You Know...

TreeHouse Point has an outdoor, open-air shower for two, stocked with all the toiletries you need to get sparkling clean. You can enjoy a private shower under the canopy of the trees and filtered stars. Don’t forget to pack a cozy robe to make the short walk over to the shower house and enjoy this steaming hot outdoor delight! 

I stayed in Trillium, which boasts a large, live edge countertop bar along the windows, where we enjoyed a picnic dinner and sparkling wine!


Then we retreated to our cozy little living area with two stuffed chairs facing out into the forest canopy. This tree house is not only atop 24 steps with a landing between that over looks the pond, but it has a loft bedroom/bathroom and an extremely cozy bed.


The bedroom has the same stunning views, which are amazing to wake up to. The sun filters through the heavily wooded forest beautifully in the morning. I was there during a dry, warm, late summer evening. Now I long to return in the rain or snow. I feel like this experience would only be sweetened by the typically moody Pacific Northwest weather. 

Spiral staircase treehouse
Drinking wine in treehouse
Sign on trail

The Two-Night Minimum

Yes, they typically have a two-night minimum. But if you keep an eye on the booking calendar, you can find one-night stays on occasion, which helps make it more accessible and budget friendly!

So? Was it worth it? Did it live up to the hype? In a word, absolutely! My only regrets are staying just one night and not visiting sooner.


It’s a truly unique experience. You are a valued guest, treated to a spotless clean, comfortable, visually pleasing lodging masterpiece, and can genuinely connect to the forest, yourself, and your travel partner!


Solo travelers don’t be dismayed, this would also be a fantastic place for those seeking privacy, reconnection, introspection, and revitalization. TreeHouse Point really is a must-visit! 

If you wish to book at stay at TreeHouse Point you can visit their website here.

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  1. Avatar photo Shay Goodell on September 28, 2023 at 8:28 am

    Looks beautiful, I bet you had a great time. Sounds like it would be amazing during a good wind and rain storm!

    • Avatar photo Tarastinytailer on September 28, 2023 at 12:44 pm

      It would be absolutely insane! I would love to be there during a rainy evening or even snow! The views are stunning.

  2. Avatar photo Michelle Rowlett on September 28, 2023 at 1:01 pm

    What an amazing place for a romantic getaway or solo reset! Thanks for always finding the cool spots and making sure they live up to the hype! Adding this to the list for sure! ✔️

    • Avatar photo Tara's Tiny Trailer on September 29, 2023 at 8:48 am

      (insert hug emoji here) Thank you! It just ideal for both. You are treated so well, your privacy is protected, and all of the guests are having that same moment. Places to relax, have privacy, and a little bit of meeting others at the lodge over a beautiful breakfast and coffee. The firepit is also awesome! I need to return for sure!

  3. Avatar photo J Elliott on September 29, 2023 at 8:33 pm

    That looks amazing – always wanted to do this ! On my bucket list!

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