Olympic Game Farm

Open for over 40 years, the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim is the perfect weekend trip for the whole family. Originally designed to be a holding facility for the animal actors in Disney films, this private wildlife organization is still rich with beautiful wildlife.  

With 84-acres to explore by car (via their driving tour) you can expect to come across a wide variety of animals looking for that whole-wheat bread you’ve hopefully brought with you! Llamas, various deer, Tibetan Yak, Elks, Bison, domestic horses and even zebras will delight you and the kids on this one-hour drive.  

Buffalo Olympic Game Farm

Thanks to their current loving owners, many of these animals have been rescued from overflowing licensed animal facilities or have been donated by “licensed/ properly authorized people.”  

What to Expect

Interested in a summer walking tour? Here is what you can enjoy: a petting farm, aquarium, duck pond & tours of their reptile house and Historical Studio Barn.  

Olympic Game Farm

What’s the Historical Studio Barn, you ask? “The Historical Studio Barn is home to antique movie memorabilia, such as movie scripts, original movie sets, educational animal information, and accounts of our accomplishments while working with Disney Studios.” 

 Seasonal walking tours are available from Memorial Day through Labor- day, and more information can be found on their website 

Complete List Of Animals At The Farm:

American Bison, American Black Bear, Roosevelt Bear, Roosevelt Elk, Zebra, Black-Tailed Prairie Dog, Llama, Domestic Yak, European Fallow Deer, Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, African Lion, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Canadian Lynx, Coyote, Arctic Fox, Timberwolf, Kodiak Bear, Emu, Sika Deer, Spotted Fallow Deer, Peacock, Rabbit and Raccoons! 

Olympic Game Farm


15 years and older = $14
6-14 = $12
55 and older = $12
Under 5 = Free! 
Prices are for everyone in a single car, and are all-day passes. If you are just planning on coming for the driving tour, you can go around as many times as you wish!  

For more information about the rules and seasonal hours, head over to their website and plan out your next trip!

Note: we do not own these photographs, they all belong to the Olympic Game Farm.

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