Franklin County


Named after Benjamin Franklin, Franklin County was formed in 1883 and is located in Eastern Washington. An agriculturally based area, Franklin county also has a strong construction and manufacturing presence as well. Hanford Site, which for over forty years, produced America’s plutonium has been decommissioned is going through the cleaning up process, is located in Pasco, Franklin County. As you can tell, this county has a long and interesting history!

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The Obsession with the Palouse Falls 

The Obsession with the Palouse Falls 

Seriously. The obsession that Washington residents, and visitors alike have for the Palouse Falls is ridiculous. But you know what? We get it, we do. It pretty much sums up why Washington state is #thebeststate and why you need to visit here.   If you’ve never...

The One of a Kind Juniper Dunes Wilderness

The One of a Kind Juniper Dunes Wilderness

What is the Juniper Dunes Wilderness? Located in Pasco, Washington, the Juniper Dunes Wilderness is something quite unique to the area. Not only is it Washington's largest juniper grove but it is also completely fenced in, all 7,000+ acres. Back in 1984 the United...