Benton County


Founded in 1905 from a mixture of Klickitat and Yakima county, Benton county is an agricultural hub in the state. Bringing in over $900 million per year in crops alone, this county of just over 190,000 sure pulls its own weight. When visiting, chances are you’ll head over to Kennewick or Richland, both filled with outdoor activities on the Columbia River, and science based museums.

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Lewis and Clark in Richland

Lewis and Clark in Richland

The Plan On October 16th, 1805 Richland was put on the map thanks to the famous cross-country journey by Lewis and Clark. After purchasing Louisiana from France in 1803, President Jefferson wanted to explore more of his great country. He wanted to affirm the...

Washington’s First Organic Winery

Washington’s First Organic Winery

Organic, a buzzword. A lifestyle and a preference for people across the board. In 2002 the USDA released a specific guideline of what makes something organic, or not. But for the founder and owner of Badger Mountain Vineyard in Kennewick, Bill Powers, the concern...