Pierce County

Chambers Bay Golf Course

Five Puget Sound Golf Courses: Different Strokes for Different Folks

In a crazy year like the one we all just experienced, collectively we needed to grab hold of anything we could to keep some “normalcy” in our lives. Some of…

Spar Cafe

Five Historic Places to Eat and Drink in Washington

Beyond the cradling mountains and blooming cherry blossoms, past the steadfast evergreens and old Rainier Beer-sponsored summers lie glimpses of yesterday. Washington has been and always will be a changing…

mount rainier in winter

Planning a Winter Trip to Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier National Park is considered to be one of the snowiest places on Earth, having averaged more than 640 inches of snow per year between 1920 and 2011. In…

rainier from crystal mountain ski resort

The Magic of Crystal Mountain: Tips From a Snowboard Instructor

I hopped off Chair 6 and started traversing towards Southback. The resort was to my left and all 14,411 feet of Mount Rainier was staring at me on the right….

Aerial view of Tacoma waterfront

Spending a Weekend in Tacoma

Located 33 miles south of Seattle, Tacoma is a dynamic waterfront city whose art museums, outdoor recreation and brewery scene have turned it into a thriving Washington destination. In 2019…

Books About Anderson Island

Update to post. We have created a list of books about Anderson Island.  If you want to learn more about Anderson Island and you want to help support Explore Washington…

The Fremont Lookout

Spending Three Days at Mount Rainier

For a while, I lived in a van. When it was time to explore any given place I usually gave myself an unlimited time limit on my adventuring since I…

Exploring Washington State Podcast Episode 15

Heritage Distilling Company Conversation with Hannah Hanley Chief Marketing Officer

We learn the history of Heritage Distilling from the inspiration to open a distillery while drinking scotch around a campfire to their most recent collaborations.

A pair of old white barns

Virtual Tours to Take Through Washington State

While Washington begins to reopen in some areas, not everyone feels quite ready to be out and about just yet. Here are some fun ideas you can explore from home…


Exploring PenMet Parks

There’s something beautiful about walking in the woods. The weight of life’s stresses seems to fall off your shoulders, brushed off to the ground by a low hanging Douglas fir…

Exploring Washington State Episode 11

Michael Weldon Photography Talking Tacoma, Sandwiches and more

In this episode our host MacKenzie Passegger has a wide ranging conversation with Mike of Michael Weldon Photography. Episode is full of all sorts of love for Tacoma!

Mountain goats laying in the grass

Experiencing Northwest Trek’s Wild Drive Tour

Imagine driving through a forest, spotting everything from fluffy white mountain goats to majestic caribou. Imagine the opportunity to do just that with your family in the car, as an…