Exploring Washington State Podcast Episode 12

Conversation with Eliana Sheriff KEPR Weekly News Anchor in Tri-Cities

Scott Cowan chats with Eliana Sheriff the weeknight news anchor for KEPR TV in Tri-Cities. The conversation covers a wide range of topics. Eliana shares some of her favorite stories, places to grab a bite to eat in Tri-Cities


Must-Visit Breweries in the Tri-Cities

The Tri-Cities is famous for wine, for rippling rows of golden wheat, for three rolling rivers that swiftly merge into one and for the kaleidoscope of color each time the…


The Trail to Tamales in Tri-Cities

The Tri-Cities is known for its hot, dry sunshine, its celebrated wines, the cool, refreshing rivers that snake through the cities and for an unmatched and intense authenticity in its…

Christmas wreath

Celebrating Christmas in Tri-Cities

As the days grow shorter, darker and quietly fade away from the brilliance of the fall, nightfall begins to sparkle throughout the Tri-Cities. Streets are adorned in holiday color and…

trees in fall

A Season of Thanks in the Tri-Cities

Thanksgiving in the Tri-Cities is more than just a day; it is a season. It is a season of giving, of gratitude and a season of togetherness that reaches farther…

Taco Plate at La Esperanza

Top 5 Taco Trucks in the Tri-Cities

Visiting the Tri-Cities There are over 200 wineries within a one-hour drive of the Tri-Cities, many of them are award-winning and producing world renowned wines. The AVAs around the Tri-Cities…

Wine Please Explore Washington State

Washington’s First Organic Winery

Organic, a buzzword. A lifestyle and a preference for people across the board. In 2002 the USDA released a specific guideline of what makes something organic, or not. But for…