Settled above the Okanogan Valley, Esther Bricques Vineyard and Winery is owned by Linda and Steve Colvin. Developed and curated by hand, they planted their first vines even before they were married.

“Steve and Linda believe in sustainable agricultural and wine production practices in clean, fresh, fruity wines unfettered by rounds of manipulation.”


This small but special winery does everything onsite, making it a truly local Omak wine. Beginning with the harvest and progressing through to fermentation and bottling, these wines are all grown and produced locally to reflect the unique characteristics of the Okanogan area.


What’s The Deal With The Name?


You may be wondering about this winery’s rather unique name. It actually ties directly back into the process of making wine. In order to produce great wine, winemakers must know the role of fragrant ‘esters’ and keep their finger on the pulse of the ‘brix’ or sugar content at harvest. When you put these two terms together, you get ‘ester brix’ or, in the Colvins’ variation of the spelling, ‘Esther Bricques’.  Translate that as “sweet fragrances” and you begin to get an idea of what these wines have in common.

Visiting The Location

Visiting this vineyard and winery is not like touring a larger winery. Since the owners are both teachers by trade, you should probably make an appointment before visiting so that you can make sure they are there when you arrive. When you do come by, here are some good tips to know…

Every Thursday after 6pm, there is a “weekly social gathering.” Here you can enjoy a glass or two of wine, some snacks and live music!

Barrel tastings are also available when booked ahead of time for groups, or just a regular tour. On this tour, you’ll get to sample their wines, see where the grapes grow and are harvested, and more! And yes, you can trust that message on their website – there is no cost for the tour.


The Wine

Their current array of wines on hand include the following: 

2007 Gewurtraminer
2006 Pinot Blanc
2007 Viognier
2007 Gewurtraminer (dry)
2012 Chardonnay
2012 Pinot Gris


2009 Syrah
2009 Cabernet Franc (award winning)
2010 Lemberger
2010 Pinot Noir

*Ice wine is a variety of dessert wine, produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine.
2006 Ice Syrah
2005 Ice Rieseling (award winning)



Summer Hours are 1pm-5pm, or by appointment
Winter Hours are by appointment only
Social Thursdays are year-round



Throughout the year, public and private events are hosted at Esther Bricques, so make sure to check here for upcoming events.


(All photos belong to Esther Bricques Winery.)