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Whitman County, home to Pullman, was born in 1871. This county produces more barley, wheat, dry peas, and lentils than anywhere else in the United States. Yet while they have a large agricultural system, over thirty percent of the residents work at Washington State University- making it the largest employer in the area. This eastern county that borders Idaho offers quite a few state parks and outdoor recreation, making it ideal for families and students alike.

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The Obsession with the Palouse Falls 

Seriously. The obsession that Washington residents, and visitors alike have for the Palouse Falls is ridiculous. But you know what? We get it, we do. It pretty much sums up why Washington state is #thebeststate and why you need to visit here.   If you’ve never...

The Pullman Junk Castle – Trash or Artistic Treasure?

Pullman, Washington - Hometown of the proud WSU Cougars. The lentil capital of the world (why not?). And now, the Junk Castle. Located along Interstate 195, the Junk Castle has been attracting visitors for over 30 years. It’s constructed entirely from recycled,...

WSU- a Fascinating History

Although Washington State University may be rated as one of the top 100 party schools in the country, this University has a rich history. How it Came to Be In 1890, the Washington legislature voted to establish a state agricultural college and school of science. The...

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