Thurston County

As you step into Thurston County, you’ll immerse yourself in a world where past and present blend seamlessly. Every corner of this county holds a story, from the echoes of the first American settlement to the verdant trails waiting to be ventured. But it’s not just history that defines Thurston; a certain allure keeps visitors coming back. Why not unravel what makes this place unique and start uncovering the hidden gems beneath the surface?

Thurston County History and Heritage

What historical events and landmarks contribute to Thurston County’s rich history and heritage?

Thurston County, established in 1852 and named after Samuel R. Thurston, boasts a vibrant past intertwined with significant milestones.

Tumwater, founded in 1845, is the first American settlement in Washington. The iconic Olympia Brewery operated in Tumwater from the early 1900s until 2003 and remains a symbol of the region’s industrial history.

Thurston County is home to numerous landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places, underscoring its rich cultural heritage and architectural significance. These sites indicate the county’s evolution, offering residents and visitors a glimpse into its storied past.

Thurston County’s history and heritage continue to shape its identity and allure, from the pioneering spirit of its early settlers to the lasting legacy of its historic buildings.

Outdoor Adventures in Thurston County

Embark on many outdoor adventures in Thurston County, including hiking, biking, and kayaking. The county seat, Olympia, is a gateway to various outdoor activities. From the lush trails of Capitol State Forest to the serene waters of Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, outdoor enthusiasts can immerse themselves in nature’s beauty. Thurston County boasts over 500 miles of trails, perfect for hiking and biking through scenic landscapes.

Kayaking along the rivers and lakes offers a tranquil way to discover the region’s waterways.

Nature lovers can enjoy bird watching, fishing, and wildlife viewing against Thurston County’s varied terrain. For those seeking a more immersive experience, camping under the stars, enjoying a leisurely picnic, or capturing stunning nature shots through photography are popular.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a casual nature enthusiast, Thurston County’s outdoor offerings, promising unforgettable experiences in the heart of Washington’s natural beauty, cater to all.

Urban Exploration

When exploring Thurston County, immerse yourself in the vibrant urban landscapes of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater.

The county offers numerous opportunities for urban exploration, where you can explore the rich history through visits to historic landmarks such as Tumwater Falls Park and the majestic Washington State Capitol building.

Engage in the cultural scene with art galleries, museums, and local breweries that showcase the county’s diverse heritage. Thurston County’s urban landscape seamlessly blends modern amenities with well-preserved historical sites, providing a unique experience for adventurers.

Roam through vibrant downtown areas teeming with activity or enjoy the tranquility of scenic waterfronts that offer a perfect escape from the lively atmosphere.

Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, Thurston County promises a range of urban exploration experiences that cater to varied interests and preferences.

Culinary Delights

Immerse yourself in Thurston County’s vibrant culinary scene, where diverse dining options await, ranging from local breweries to farm-to-table restaurants. Olympia, the heart of the county’s food culture, offers fresh seafood delights and unique food trucks that cater to all tastes. Lacey and Tumwater also contribute to the culinary scene, boasting cozy cafes and diverse ethnic eateries.

The culinary landscape isn’t just about dining out; it’s a celebration of the local food culture. The county hosts food festivals and farmers markets where you can savor locally sourced produce and artisanal products. Thurston County has something for every palate, whether you’re craving a high-end dining experience or a quick bite at a casual diner.

Enjoy the opportunity to immerse yourself in the farm-to-table restaurants that showcase the region’s fresh ingredients. With a blend of traditional and innovative flavors, Thurston County invites you to indulge in a culinary journey that reflects the area’s rich heritage and commitment to quality dining experiences.


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