Anacortes Washington


Number of schools

Medium Home Price

Median Household Income


Anacortes is a small community with a real hometown feel to it. Whether you are visiting to enjoy the vast nature and outdoor recreation options or to visit the farmers market- you are bound to fall in love with this serene town.

Voted one of the safest cities in Washington state, and with one of the best school districts, this is a wonderful community to bring your family to.


Fun Facts

  • Jake Anderson of the Deadliest Catch was born here.
  • Size: Approximately 15.53 sq mi.

Spending a Weekend in Anacortes

Washington state has always been known for its natural wonders, cultural gems and rainy coast. While all of that is absolutely wonderful, there are some very underrated pieces of the state that remain under the radar. One of these incredible places is the town of...

Predators of the Heart

The Refuge Predators of the Heart is a special animal refuge located in Anacortes, Washington. They are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to nurturing and helping “all species of wild animals who, for various reasons, find themselves without a place to live...