Centralia Washington


Number of schools

Medium Home Price

Median Household Income


This small city is the perfect place if you love a close-knit community. Between Seattle and Portland, you are always close to a large city when the time calls.

Surrounded by beautiful nature, Centralia is the best of outdoorsy and “city” living. While it was voted one of the worst cities to live in for millennials, this makes it an optimal place to raise a family.

Fun Facts

  • Voted one of the WORST places for Millenials to live in Washington

Santa Lucia Coffee Centralia, Washington Day 24 of the 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days Project

Handcrafted and Micro Roasted Santa Lucia Coffee Roasters opened the doors at their current location in 2006. Why it took me 13 years to find them is the real mystery. On my first visit I did not pay attention and tried to stop in on Sunday.  Oops!  Santa Lucia is...

Fiddlers Coffee Centralia, WA Day 16 of the 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days Project

Family of Fiddlers Serve Quality Coffee Fiddlers Coffee is located in Centralia right off of exit 81 on I-5. Well, not right off; as the exit is a bit of a pain but, you can see I-5 from their front porch.  Fiddlers Coffee opened in 2004 with an interesting backstory....