Getting to Know Good & Well Supply Co. in Seattle

With summer around the corner and the future of COVID unknown, we are all trying to find new ways to tame the wanderlust FOMO. If you’re living in or even just visiting Washington, we have a feeling you probably enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, which is why we are loving the products over at Good & Well Supply Co.! This local shop is the home to some incredible smelling candles and products, which pay homage to some of our nation’s favorite destinations in the great outdoors. Their unique collections, each labeled with eye-catching artwork, set the perfect ambiance to reminisce on some of your favorite adventures. Their products also make perfect gifts (everyone on our holiday list received one last year). We caught up with Olivia and Megan over at Good & Well Supply Co. to get to know more!

Good and Well Supply Company in Seattle, Washington

How It Started

Megan, the founder and creator of Good & Well Supply Co., was inspired after taking a once-in-a-lifetime road trip through the National Parks! She spent a year between undergrad and graduate school exploring the most beautiful spots in the U.S., driving from landmark to landmark. This dreamy, wanderlust trip is what sparked the idea for the company’s National Parks Collection — and that was only the beginning. Of course we were curious to know, which National Park really sparked it all. While it wasn’t just one particular park for Megan, she did tell us that she has a soft spot for King’s Canyon in California!

Unique Collections

You won’t find any boring, conventional smelling products here, and the artwork elevates the experience to a whole new level. The Good & Well Supply Co. draws inspiration from the specific fauna, flora and adventure found in each particular park. The native island ōhiʻa lehua plant proudly brands their Hawai’i Volcanoes candle. You can only get to Isle Royale by boat or seaplane, and you’ll find them gracing the cover of the Michigan signature candle. Zachary Kiernan (Instagram: @zacharykiernan) is the brilliance behind the label art, each design unique and truly one-of-a-kind!

bath salts from Good and Well Supply Company in Seattle, Washington
Good and Well Supply Company in Seattle, Washington

Signature Scents

Paying tribute to some of our nation’s most beautiful monuments and parks, the sophisticated scent pairings are incredibly lifelike. The blend of huckleberry, bergamot, vanilla and balsam representing Glacier National Park, is spot on. The Mammoth Cave combination of sandalwood, damp earth and petrichor is tastefully realistic. Our absolute favorite is the Rainier scent — balsam fir, pine needles and citrus, transporting you to one of Washington’s most incredible destinations. And if you’re looking for a fragrance outside of National Parks, they’ve got you covered. The Dusk apothecary candle gives off the most relaxing glow from an amber colored glass jar, and the Campfire Coffee candle will have you wanting to snuggle up with a good book and cup of joe.

Something for Everyone

Setting them apart from other brands, Good & Well offers countless ways to enjoy their fragrances: candles, bath salts, room sprays, car fragrance, hand wash, incense, and more! We are crazy about their sea salt, dunes and driftwood Acadia scented matches! The travel tin candles pack ship perfectly, and their vintage shirt collection is incredibly soft. If you want to share the love, gift wrapping is available! Some of their products are limited edition or seasonal, so we suggest snagging them while you can! Their website is very user friendly, and their staff is absolutely lovely!

Candles on the production floor at Good and Well Supply Company in Seattle, Washington
volunteers from Good and Well Supply Company in Seattle, Washington

Repurposing with Purpose

Giving back to others and protecting our planet are two things we feel strongly about here in Washington, and this company is no exception. Not only are you supporting a small business when you purchase their products, but you are supporting foundations such as Black Outside, Inc. and National Park Foundation! To keep things earth friendly, Good & Well encourages buyers to re-purpose the candle tins.

This year, they have started a repurposing program. When buyers share an image of their repurposed Good & Well candle tins (Instagram: @goodandwellsupplyco), they’ll give ‘em 25% off their next order! Most customers have found that they make for awesome planters, but they’re always looking for creative uses! (Tin can telephone, anyone?) When they’re not busy creating, the Good & Well crew are known to volunteer together right here in the Seattle community.

dogs at Good and Well Supply Company in Seattle, Washington

Photos by: Good & Well Supply Co.

Amy Breeding

Amy Breeding is a traveling Registered Nurse, currently living in the Seattle area. After growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, she decided to explore the PNW and fell in love with everything that Washington has to offer. Her favorite hikes in Washington are Lake 22 and Artist Point.

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