Cashmere Washington


Number of schools

Medium Home Price

Median Household Income

In Cashmere there are several wineries and at least one distillery. They also have river rafting, so the combination of these activities plus their museums – makes it a pretty family friendly destination (or place to stop at during a long drive.)

Median home value according to “” is $208,300 with a median rent of $765, making it cheaper than the national medians for both areas. Most people do own their own homes.

According to “” over 94% of population is employed, with the bulk being in “management, business, science and arts.”


Fun Facts

  • The city is a total of 1.07 square miles

Aplets & Cotlets!

The History ©2017 Liberty Orchards Co., Inc. In the early 1900’s, two young Armenian immigrants became friends and headed to Cashmere with hopes of a successful business venture. They bought an apple farm, Liberty Orchards, and quickly began looking for new ways for...