Kennewick Washington


Number of schools

Medium Home Price

Median Household Income

Kennewick Washington is located in Benton County, in the Tri-Cities area. With the Columbia River right on the city’s banks, there is a little bit of something for everyone. From hiking trails, historical memorials, a convention center and Washington’s first organic winery- this is a happening place to be.


Fun Facts

  • Kennewick is currently the 14th largest city in the State of Washington.
  • According to the latest census data taken in 2016, Kennewick is home to 80,454 residents.
  • Jeremy Bonderman, Anthony Davis and Ray Mansfield were all born here in Kennewick.
  • Residents here spend more money on food than anything else per year.

Washington’s First Organic Winery

Organic, a buzzword. A lifestyle and a preference for people across the board. In 2002 the USDA released a specific guideline of what makes something organic, or not. But for the founder and owner of Badger Mountain Vineyard in Kennewick, Bill Powers, the concern...