A Visit To The Chocolate Flower Farm On Whidbey Island

As a new resident of Washington, I’ve heard of the many, beautiful flower farms that you can find in this state, but while exploring Whidbey Island this fall, I stumbled upon a place called the Chocolate Flower Farm and had to stop by. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what a chocolate flower farm exactly is, right? There are many shades of flowers but the type of flower that this farm specializes in are of the very dark varieties. So dark, in fact, that you might think they’re chocolate! Most flowers and plants at the Chocolate Flower Farm are actually in the dark maroon color family, but the owner, Marie, even grows plants that smell like chocolate! 

sign at the Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island
Chocolate sunflower at the Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island

What began as a mail order plant nursery solely focused on these chocolate colored flowers and plants 17 years ago, has now grown into a beautiful flower farm that has really embraced its name. They have moved their gift store that was previously in downtown Langley to the farm to offer on-site treats and gifts. Aside from growing these beautiful plants, Marie also whips up some amazing chocolates and fudge that she sells at the gift shop, as well as chocolate raspberry jam, decadent chocolate scented candles, and chocolate infused body products. This is a chocolate lover's dream! 

Because I visited the farm in the late fall, I unfortunately didn’t get to experience all the wonders of this flower farm, but needless to say, I was still very much impressed! The farm is tucked away in Langley on Whidbey Island and once you step foot on the farm, you’ll realize that you’ve found something special. I knew I wouldn’t see many flowers blooming, but as a big chocolate fan, I was very eager to look around the gift shop and was blown away by all of the chocolate offerings. I had to try the homemade fudge, which was delicious, and also picked up a bag of hot cocoa mix and some chocolate colored seed varieties as a gift for my mom. 

View at the Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island
white flowers at the Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island

The Chocolate Flower Farm is a great place to visit in the spring and summer months when the flowers are in bloom. You can walk through the gardens and even purchase a potted plant, like a chocolate cosmo, dahlia, or daylily, to take home with you! If you’d rather grow your own chocolate flower garden from seeds, be sure to check out the extensive seed collection inside the gift shop. They offer individual seed packets, but if you’re wanting to grow multiple varieties, they even offer seed kits for a chocolate flower garden and an edible chocolate garden, which includes plants like chocolate corn, chocolate mini bell peppers, and chocolate cherry tomatoes! 

Marie’s Chocolate Flower Farm is a true hidden gem and it’s a destination that has big growth plans in the near future. Marie has plans to add a campsite on the farm for visitors that wish to stay on property, as well as a few glamping tents for guests. To round out the experience, she’s also looking to add an outdoor bistro with a pizza oven so that visitors can enjoy lunch on the farm and really experience the surroundings to the fullest. There is currently a picnic area where you can bring your own food and a bottle of wine from a nearby local winery and have a nice lunch near the garden. Marie also has some very cute critters on the farm, such as mini goats, geese, hens, and ducks. These animals, of course, also tie into the chocolate theme! The hens lay dark chocolate colored eggs, the geese are milk chocolate colored American Buffs, and the ducks are Chocolate Runner Ducks. Marie has really thought through every single detail and I can’t wait to see her future plans come to life! If you’re unable to visit the farm, you can see what she’s up to or place orders on the farm’s website.  

ducks at the Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island
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