8 Sensational Ciders to Warm Up Your Washington Winter

As cider lovers, we know there’s no specific season for cider, but there are special ciders for every season! Winter in Washington can range from cold and raining to freezing and snowy. So, whether you’re snuggled up cozy at home, or out exploring the great outdoors, here are eight winter ciders that are sure to warm you up. From cranberry delights to barrel-aged sippers, there’s a cider for everyone. Remember, most of these are seasonal releases, so get them while they last!

Rosemary Cran Ginger cider

Rosemary Cran Ginger

Channel Marker Cider – 8% ABV – Seattle, WA

The name says it all! This cider is full of juicy, tart cranberry, spicy ginger and earthy, piney rosemary. The flavors balance nicely to give you a cider perfect for a mountain summit or enjoyed from the comfort of your couch. Pour it into a glass to really experience the hazy peach color and gingery smell rounding out this dangerously good winter treat. Find Channel Marker Cider in bottle shops and on tap across Western Washington, or check out their website for a location near you. 

tieton Cranberry Cider

Cranberry Cider 

Tieton Cider Works – 6.9% ABV – Yakima, WA

Cranberries and the holidays go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you’re using them as decorations, as a side for your favorite dish, or garnishing that mulled wine, cranberries are everywhere! So, what better way to celebrate the season than with a glass of spiced cranberry cider? This comes in a sharing size, so pour it into a glass to relish in its pale pink color and spiced cranberry nose. Tart cranberry is paired with spices like cinnamon that will have you feeling festive in no time. Find Tieton Cider Works throughout Washington or check out their taproom in Yakima. 

Listen to our podcast episode with Craig and Sharon Campbell Founders of Tieton Cider Works.

snowglobe cider


One Tree Hard Cider – 6.8% ABV – Spokane, WA

This may be the prettiest cider you’ve ever sipped. From its white waxed top to the edible glitter, Snowglobe is all about the winter cheer! Be sure to give the bottle a gentle swirl before pouring to free the edible glitter from the bottom. Just like the snow globes your grandma collected, this cider is full of nostalgia. Grab a glass and be mesmerized by the swirling glitter combined with sweet and tart cranberry flavor that’s balanced out with an abundance of spices. It’s so good you might not want to share! One Tree Hard Cider can be found throughout Washington or at their cider house in Spokane. 

Schilling Hard Cider chaider


Schilling Hard Cider – 6.5% ABV – Auburn, WA

Some like it hot, some like it cold, but however you like your chai, add it to some cider and you get – Chaider! The spices on this semi-sweet cider are on the milder side with the clove and cinnamon standing out. It’s very reminiscent of a spiced apple pie. Enjoy it cold or warm for a special winter treat. Schilling Hard Cider is distributed throughout Washington or can be found at their cider house in Fremont. 

seattle cider Spiced Peach

Spiced Peach 

Seattle Cider Company – 6.5% ABV – Seattle, WA

If you’re looking for something to warm you up this winter, try a mulled cider! Spiced Peach is great warm or chilled, but don’t drink it too cold or you’ll miss out on the peachy goodness. The peach is subtle but meshes well with the cardamom. There’s a tea-like quality to this off-dry cider. Find this one throughout Washington or at their taproom in Seattle. 

Finnriver Cider forest ginger

Forest Ginger

Finnriver Farm & Cidery – 6.5% ABV – Chimacum, WA

Take a deep breath of that clean mountain air, now combine it with some spicy ginger and you’ve got Forest Ginger. Finnriver combines wild-harvested fir tips and ginger to create a well-balanced cider. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like you’re chewing on a tree. The fir gives it earthy, citrus notes while the ginger adds a subtle spicy bite. This festive cider will have you coming back for more! Find Finnriver Cider throughout Washington, at select farmer’s markets, and at their farm on the Olympic Peninsula. 

Snowdrift Cider cornice


Snowdrift Cider Company – 7.4% ABV – East Wenatchee, WA

There’s something about a barrel-aged cider that lifts your spirits. It might have something to do with the warming sensation that comes along with it! Aged in toasted American oak barrels for 6 months, this is smooth with notes of apricot, vanilla and caramel. The oak gives it depth and tannins in the finish. A complex cider meant to be sipped, preferably in front of a fire. Snowdrift Cider can be found throughout Washington, or at the cidery in East Wenatchee. 

Whitewood Cider winter banana

Newtown Pippin, McIntosh, & Winter Banana

Whitewood Cider – 7.2% ABV – Olympia, WA

No bananas were harmed in the making of this cider! These three heirloom apple varieties were barrel-aged for a year to bring forth a complex and festive cider. This is acidic and fruity with lots of bourbon flavor and notes of oak. It’s crisp with a lingering acidity. A great choice to sip with a loved one. Whitewood Cider can be found in Olympia, Seattle, Tacoma and Wenatchee. Check out their teeny tiny taproom in Olympia!

Whether you’re looking for a cider to pack along on your next hike, to share with a loved one over a tasty meal, or to sip while watching your favorite holiday movie, there’s plenty of festive cheer to go around. Cheers cider friends! 

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Ava Davis spends most of her free time exploring the scenic outdoors of Washington and/or sipping on cider. Based in Tacoma, she writes cider reviews and runs a website covering all aspects of the cider world. An avid reader, she also enjoys baking and is trying to complete 52 hikes before the end of the year. Find her on Instagram @pnwcidergirl @ava.wanders @pommesandpints or online at pommesandpints.com


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