Moore Theater

The Moore Theater, located at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Virginia Street in Seattle, was inaugurated in December 1907. Originally a vision of James A. Moore, its management was handed to John Cort. Over a century old, it has hosted diverse performances, from vaudeville acts to hard rock. Additionally, it served as the inaugural venue for the Seattle International Film Festival and continues to showcase global talent while preserving its historic charm.

Iconic Seattle bands have played the Moore Theater. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Queensrÿche, Alice In Chains and many more bands have graced the stage.  The Seattle Opera performed Tommy with Bette Middler as Mrs. Walker and the Acid Queen in 1971.

The Moore Theater is currently owned and operated by the Seattle Theater Group. A non-profit arts organization.

STG (Seattle Theater Group) proudly showcases a vast array of 700 events each year, spread across iconic venues including The Paramount, a historic theater; The Moore, known for its architectural brilliance; and The Neptune, a hub for art connoisseurs. The repertoire spans Broadway spectacles, heart-touching concerts, enlightening lectures, community-building activities, and enriching film experiences. This rich tapestry of events is woven together by the dedication of numerous artists, supportive partner organizations, generous donors, passionate volunteers, and loyal patrons, all striving for the realization of STG’s noble mission.


For our events calendar of events at the Moore Theater click here.

Visit the official site of the Moore Theater.

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