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Glazer’s Live | Lightroom Reimagined – an expert’s take on editing

Glazer’s Live | Lightroom Reimagined – an expert’s take on editing



April 3 @ 6:00 pm
April 24 @ 8:00 pm
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Learn powerful new ways to apply Lightroom to produce processional-level results with Rich Seiling’s expert knowledge.

This class is for photographers who are looking to get more out of their photos, who want to achieve clearer expression and communication of that original idea that caused you to click the shutter.

For many, processing is a frustrating experience, a barrier that keeps them from fully expressing, and enjoying their photographs. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Great processing comes from the decisions you make, so this class is about teaching you how to think about processing, to understand the problems you’ll encounter, so that you’ll have a straightforward and proven strategy to solve them.

Rich Seiling will show you how to start thinking about processing through five fundamental decision points. These five fundamentals let you diagnose what processing your photo needs and guides you to the proper tool to fix it.

This is the same process Rich has used to help some of the biggest names in photography produce prints for Museums and Galleries. But it is so simple, even a beginner can put it into practice and start getting better results immediately. In fact, it makes processing easier. Once you know how to read a photo to see what processing it needs, your processing will happen more quickly than ever.

If you are ready to take your processing to new heights and make it easier, then this is the class for you!


An industry-recognized master of digital photo processing, Rich Seiling’s skills and techniques have been used by the top names in nature photography to produce countless prints for museum exhibitions and gallery sales alike. His approach to processing has been tested on hundreds of thousands of images for thousands of clients. Through his workshops, he has helped students transform their understanding of processing and learn to achieve professional quality results for themselves. Rich’s desire to express the world he sees around him through photographs drives him to continue to push the limits of what photography and processing can reveal.

You can see more of his photography at richseiling.com.

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Facebook @richard.seiling