Washington Lavender located in Port Angeles, Washington is a relaxation haven. The land was originally bought fifteen years ago by a Canadian couple, Dan and Jane Abbott. They had a dream of one day “having a small farm nearby in their retirement years.” And so, it was!

Four years later, in 2006, their replica of Mount Vernon, B&B, George Washington Inn was opened.  With five rooms, telling a story of the phases in George Washington’s adult life, one is right there next to the lavender farm, overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca and panoramic views. Pets and children under sixteen, are politely asked to stay at home for this Inn.

While visiting the lavender farms, visitors can enjoy around ten acres of gorgeous purple flowers. You can also learn more about how the farm grows their harvest organically, and exactly which products they make (all on site,) including lavender oil and soaps. If visiting with children, an Oceanfront lavender labyrinth will surely spark their interest!

Throughout the season of May through September, one can visit the farm and its shop, seven days a week from 10AM-6PM Monday through Saturday and Sunday from 1PM-5PM. For any other times, make sure to give them a call, and make an appointment.

They love putting on events here, and a couple of examples from 2017 include: George Washington’s Birthday Tea, the Washington Lavender Festival, Washington Music Festival and Tour de Lavender.

If you’ve been reading this and wondering about all of the George Washington references, here is an explanation to help further your understanding. According to their website, Dan & Janet Abbott were “inspired to build an Olympic Peninsula bed and breakfast inn that would give others an opportunity to reflect on the faith of George Washington and our founding fathers and the spiritual legacy that they left to their countrymen and their successive generations.” And when viewing their property and legacy that they have built, one can’t help but understand.

Interested piqued? Here is a link to their blog, where you can find out more information about planning your visit. And a list of events, that will be updated in the coming May 2018, season.