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John Tillision of Park Ranger John

When John Tillison, an Eagle Scout and outdoors enthusiast, unexpectedly finds his dream job as a Washington State Park Ranger, he quickly discovers the powerful challenges that come with protecting his beloved parklands and the stories that go with them.

When I decided I wanted to do this, like I said, I kind of felt like I still had a story to tell. I felt like my job was quickly transitioning from when I had first started doing less, more of what I call Yogi Bear stuff, the stuff I really enjoyed. I enjoyed interpretation. I really love meeting people in public and it really started turning a lot more specialized in the law enforcement. 

John Tillison, also known as Park Ranger John, is a military family member from Washington State who has worked in the  park system for over 20 years. He now runs a website dedicated to national parks and sites and shares his stories of his time as a park ranger.



John Tillison had a military family and grew up loving the outdoors. After becoming an Eagle Scout, he began working for Washington State Park and immediately fell in love with the job. After 20 years of working in State Parks, a knee injury left him with a permanent disability and an uncertain future. But with the encouragement of his wife, he began blogging, sharing stories and information about National Parks in Washington State. Now, with over 424 National Park sites and counting, John Tillison's work helps people all over the country stay connected to the great outdoors.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Exploring the Secret World of Park Rangers: A Day in the Life
2. Uncovering the History Behind National Parks and Affiliated Sites
3. Surviving Rattlesnake Bites and Other Outdoor Dangers
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