Sadie Davis-Suskind Junior MasterChef. Episode 109

September 3, 2021
Show Notes

Sadie Davis-Suskind


In this episode we chat with Sadie Davis-Suskind.  Sadie was a contestant on MasterChef Junior, and a contributing author for the Seattle Times. Sadie is currently a  student at The Lakeside School in Seattle.

Fish Headshot of Sadie Davis-SuskindSadie is one of those guests that every podcast host dreams of. She is fun, full of energy and a great storyteller.

Sadie shares  her story about food and how it is the language that she speaks when communicating with her family and friends. Imagine a friend of yours showing up with a cake at your front door!

From an early age Sadie has loved spending time in the kitchen cooking for family. Cooking has been a way for Sadie to embrace her Jewish heritage. It has been therapy during the pandemic Sadie recommends kneading bread dough to relieve stress. It is her love language.

It seems natural after listening to Sadie that she would not just enjoy but thrive under the stage lights. Her description of her time auditioning and ultimately competing on MasterChef Junior along with the mentoring she received is worth listening to.

After MasterChef Junior Sadie was approached by The Seattle Times and ultimately contributed a weekly article  where she shared recipes and antidotes about food and family.

Today Sadie is attending school and looking forward to attending cooking school and ultimately attending Princeton.  There is no doubt that she will accomplish all of her goals.

Make sure you listen to this episode as Sadie Davis-Suskind is someone you will be hearing about in the future!  Also, you need to hear about her thoughts on Cheetos.


Some of the People and Places Mentioned in this Episode

MasterChef Junior

Sadie on the Seattle Times

Guy Fieri

Julia Child

Giada De Laurentiis

Portage Bay Cafe




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