Conversation with Aaron Jordan Head of Operations of Roast House Coffee in Spokane

Hosted by: Scott Cowan
June 25, 2020

Conversation with Aaron Jordan Head of Operations of Roast House Coffee in Spokane

Show Notes

In this episode we have a conversation with Aaron Jordan of Roast House Coffee in Spokane.  Roast House Coffee is the roasting company that Explore Washington State has partnered with to create the Explore Washington State Blend coffee.

In this episode we learn about the origins of Roast House Coffee and their plans to continue to deliver delicious organic coffees throughout the U.S. and Washington State. For over 10 years Roast House Coffee has been roasting some of the most amazing coffees you have ever tasted. Aaron shares his story about how he started in the coffee business which is quite humorous.

To learn more about Roast House and their coffee follow this link.  You can follow them on Instagram.

If you want to try the Explore Washington State Blend you can purchase it here.  We would love for you to give our coffee a taste. We love it and we are very proud

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