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There are usually two different answers that people are searching for when they try to find maps of Wenatchee. Some people are trying to find out where Wenatchee is located in Washington State and to learn more about the surrounding areas and attractions. Others are actually looking for a map of the city of Wenatchee. We’ll tackle both questions below in that order.

Where is Wenatchee Washingon?

“Where is Wenatchee?!”

It’s usually the first thing people ask when you mention Wenatchee in a conversation. For some reason it’s one of those places that even longtime Washington residents can have a hard time locating.

Wenatchee is located in the Southeast corner of Chelan County. It sits almost directly in the middle of Washington State and lies on the west side of the Columbia. One thing that confuses a lot of people is that East Wenatchee, which lies just across the bridge on the other side of the river, is actually a separate town and is in Douglas County.

Click on the orange dot in the map above to see an aerial photo of Wenatchee.

Wenatchee City Maps

Many people look for maps of Wenatchee so they can plan their trips through town or locate some of the main establishments in town.

Local City Map

A very cool local map can be found on the Wenatchee City website. You can access it by clicking here. You can find parcel info, fire hydrants, water service boundaries and more. You can also easily print out a custom map that you build using their layers and elements.

Bird’s Eye View

A great map of Wenatchee can be found by going to Google Maps and using their “Bird’s Eye View” feature. You can see a screenshot of it here:

Bird's Eye View of Wenatchee

View This Map In New Window

With this kind of view, you can easily navigate the different sections of the city of Wenatchee.  In the view above, you can see that Wenatchee is divided into two main sections, one on the west and one on the east side of the Columbia River. The metro area on the east side of the city is technically East Wenatchee and is a seperate city. Crossing the Columbia at this point actually puts you in Douglas county instead of Chelan. You’ll also notice Sunnyslope to the north and South Wenatchee where the road heads out of town past Wenatchee Heights and towards the Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort.

Interactive Maps of Wenatchee

You can use the interactive map below to search all areas of Wenatchee, and to find major landmarks, places to eat and more.

There are three areas that many people end up searching for in Wenatchee:

  • Wenatchee Confluence State Park
  • Walla Walla Point Park
  • Wenatchee Golf & Country Club

The interactive map below allows you to find and explore those easily.

Topographical Maps

If you’re looking for actual topographical maps of Wenatchee, then you’ll have to do a little more legwork, but not much. This is where Google Maps is really awesome.

Simply click on this link to get started: Wenatchee, WA Map

Once you’ve done that, just go up to the top left hand corner of your browser (might be different on a mobile device) and select the three little horizontal arrows that look like this:

Click Here Wenatchee Maps

You should then be able to choose “Terrain” from the dropdown menu.

Terrain Wenatchee Maps

You should then see a topographical map of Wenatchee like this:

You can zoom in and out so that the topographical maps show up even better.


There really is no better online solution for basic research when is comes to Wenatchee Maps than Google Maps. If you’re looking for more in-depth maps or to print out custom maps, like a topo map, you might try a few of the links below:

Whether you are hiking, moving to Wenatchee or just passing through for the day, I hope that these maps are a helpful starting point for you to plan your next adventure!

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