Wenatchee British Car Show & Shine at Pybus Market

Jaguar GrillThere was a British Car Show Saturday in Wenatchee and we were onsite to take in the sights!

Several dozen British cars were on display at the Pybus Market.  While wondering around we took some photos and chatted with some of the owners. There were Jaguars, Trimuphs, Austin Healey’s, MG’s Range Rovers, Mini Coopers. The cars were all amazing to look at. In my opinion there is no car more beautiful than a Austin Healey MK3000MKIII and I was not disappointed here at the Wenatchee Car Show.

We also made two very important discoveries. The discoveries will undoubtedly be of no profound importance to anyone who reads this article other than the author.

I don’t fit in  these cars.  While I was fairly certain that I am both too tall and too wide today I learned the lesson and I must resign myself to lusting after these British beauties from afar. 

I cannot afford one of these cars. I was chatting with one of the owners and casually asked “what would this car sell for if it were up for sale?”  The owner replied “I don’t know I turned down $250,000 last year.”  At that point is quietly walked away making sure that I was not within 2 feet of the car.

The lessons learned today.  I’m too big and wide and many of these beautiful cars are beyond my budget. I hope that if you have the British car bug you will find one that you fit in. I will be jealous but I will survive you just go on without me.

There is an organization in the Greater Seattle area that hosts car shows for British car enthusiasts. Check out their Facebook page. You will find lots of amazing cars there.

If you are looking for places to go and things to do in Wenatchee check out the rest of our Wenatchee articles.  We will let you know next time there is a car show in Wenatchee.

Wenatchee Car Show at Pybus Market MG with hood open

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