Walnut Street Coffee Edmonds, Washington Day 30 of the 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days Project

Walnut Street Coffee Exterior

Neighborhood Coffee Shop

Ah Edmonds always a fun place to visit. Jim Hunger of Belly Rub Products and a contributor here on Explore Washington State and I were out drinking coffee and he suggested that we visit Walnut Street Coffee. So, on a Sunday morning we went and visited this neighborhood coffee shop.

Walnut Street Coffee is in a cinder block building with a roll up door that allows the Puget Sound Summers to be enjoyed inside. When we walked up the roll up door was open, and people were outside enjoying coffees and chatting. Entering the shop, we commented that it was a popular place on Sunday morning.  The line moved quickly and soon Jim and I were able to order. We both ordered drip coffees. The Vivace Espresso Vita was served to us from an air pot behind the counter.  We passed on the pastries which looked amazing! One must pace themselves when visiting 100 coffee shops in 100 days. I can only imagine how much weight I would gain if I sampled the food at all of these shop. This one was a difficult choice to pass up I will admit. After we found a couple of seats at a window, we gave our coffees a try.

Friendly Customer Service. Check.

Walnut Stree Coffee Coffee Bar

Drip & Dialog

The coffee was pretty hot, so I gave it some time to cool.  Once it was more to my liking temperature wise, I was able to take my first sip. Nice first impression. Big bold cup of coffee. Then I think I noticed that perhaps the drip had been in the air pot a bit long. Jim and I both noticed “something” was a bit off. Now, as I have stated I am not a coffee expert, so I am not qualified to provide a professional critique and I feel bad that I am even sharing that I thought something was amiss. By no means was this a bad cup of coffee. It was just not a great cup.

Next time I will enjoy an espresso drink as that is certainly what I noticed most people drinking during our visit. The menu of coffee drinks looks very promising indeed.

Walnut Stree Coffee in Cup on Counter

Roll Up Doors, Let The Sunshine In

The décor and vibe at Walnut Street Coffee is bright and lively. The shop is really a very cool place both inside and out. If I lived in Edmonds, I would hang out here regularly as it just felt so relaxed and comfortable. I really like the roll up door as it makes the whole place feel more open and inviting. There is a lot of seating and the space is setup so that you can enjoy a nice conversation or perhaps get a bit of work. Since I was there to enjoy time with my friend, I did not check out the Wi-Fi. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the time they were spending here. The was a lot of people coming and going and the whole experience was a very enjoyable one. I will be visiting here again when I am back in Edmonds.

Walnut Street Coffee

Where to find

You can visit Walnut Street Coffee at 410 Walnut St. Edmonds, Washington 98020. You can find them online Walnut Street Coffee. Check out their Instagram feed or you can find them on Facebook. It would be best though to stop in and see them and when you do stop in tell them you heard about them from Explore Washington State.

Swag from Walnut St

This wraps up day Thirty of One Hundred. Where will I be having coffee tomorrow? Check back and see. Have you been to Walnut Street Coffee? Share your thoughts below. Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Send me the name and address of any shops that you think I should go to.

Why 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days? Read my original article here.

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A lifelong resident of Washington who grew up in Tacoma, and spent his six freshman years attending CWU in Ellensburg, Scott’s professional life was spent in Olympia, Seattle and Tacoma. Deciding that the traffic on the west side was too much, Scott moved with his family to Wenatchee where they are settling in and finding that there is life after the daily commute. With a passion for good caffeine, hard ciders, and pizza along with the scenic beauty of Washington State you will find Scott out and about in Washington State looking for that next magical cup of coffee.

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