Guest Author Tony HollawayThis is a guest post written by Tony Holladay. Tony Holladay is a native of California and moved to the Pacific Northwest over 10 years ago.   An avid outdoorsman, he spends time fly fishing, hunting, camping and doing photography.  Tony enjoys IPA as well as a good single-malt Scotch.  He currently resides in Bellingham where all his favorite outdoor activities are readily available.  He has been married for 26 years to Michelle and has 2 kids, Nathan, 21 and Rachel, 17.  He also has a BS in Organizational Leadership from University of Charleston, West Virginia.

The Review

The last of the summer beer review- where did the time go?  How is it possible that the season is over already, and we will move into the Pacific Northwest winter- meaning heavier beers will soon be assaulting our senses!  But until then, let’s take one more look at a summer IPA, shall we?

Beer: Twin Sisters India Pale Ale
Company:  Twin Sisters Brewing, Bellingham, WA
IBU- 65
ABV- 6.2%
Location of Taste: Twin Sisters Brewing Company, Bellingham, WA


Is this really a northwest IPA?  With a medium amber color, I had to wonder.  This IPA presents as very clear with a very light foam head.  The amber color indicates to me I am going to like it- I find this color of IPA tend to be more mild in the citrus category.


I took a strong sniff.  I detected the tell-tell sign of an IPA- slightly pine scented with a hint of citrus- in this case I could smell the orange, but it was almost like it had just been placed as an afterthought- like someone had taken just a piece of rind and placed it into the glass.  It was not the attack on my nose as I have had before- and you know what I am talking about!  This IPA went down super smooth- there was no overpowering taste, and I found it to be super light with a very crisp finish.  It did not taste like orange juice- another win!


This beer is a fantastic summer drink, but I think I would like just a smidge more bitter flavor.  Remember- I like the bitters!  The crisp finish was fantastic- I enjoy a beer that has lots of flavor and that crisp finish just brings it all together at the end!  I paired this IPA with some smoked ham, pork and turkey along with some truffle fries.  Since I ate all of that and finished the beer, I would say they went together perfectly, and was a perfect way to wrap up the summer!  This one is a 4 on my scale of 1-5!


Twin Sisters Brewing is new to the Bellingham area, and occupies space in the Sunnyland neighborhood.  With a large outdoor space called the Bellingham Beer Garden, this location will not disappoint you.  According to their website, the owners wanted “a killer outdoor venue” that would be someplace everyone could enjoy.  With 30 taps and a fairly extensive varietal menu, Twin Sisters offers something for everyone.  The outdoor area includes fire pits, a bocce ball court and the entire location is family friendly, with the exception of the immediate bar area of course.  Additionally, you can step inside the brewing facility for a more intimate experience and watch football on the big screen.  The staff was very friendly and offered tips on selecting the right beer for your pallet.

Please drink responsibly!