Episode 24: Thunderboats in Seattle. Conversation with David Williams

Hosted by: Scott Cowan
November 12, 2020

Episode 24: Thunderboats in Seattle. Conversation with David Williams

Show Notes

Thunderboats memories from our childhood.

David Williams has been a fan of hydroplanes since he was five.  Now he is the Executive Director of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in Kent.  In this episode we chat with David and we learn about Washington State Hydroplane history.

Seafair, The 1962 Worlds Fair, The Seattle Pilots, The Seattle Supersonics, and much more can be directly traced back to hydroplanes and the men that owned and raced them.

Learn how Hydroplanes helped shape Seattle in the 1950's and 1960's bringing Seattle into the spotlight as an major American city.

David shares stories about the history of hydroplane racing.  Hydroplane racing was instrumental in bringing advertising into modern sports. David has written multiple books on the sport including one that has been optioned as a potential movie script.  Have you ever heard the name Mira Slovak?  The book A Race to Freedom The Mira Slovak Story is the story of Mira's adventures stealing a plane to escape from behind the iron curtain, to becoming Bill Boeing's private pilot and much more.  Make sure you listen for this story!

Find out about the Hydroplane and Race Boat Museum. We chat about some of the boats that have been restored by the museum through the years.  Some of the boats are still used in demonstrations!

If you ever build a hydro out of scrap wood and pulled it behind your bike this episode is for you!

Some Places and Events Mentioned in this Episode

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