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They are the coolest thing to hit Washington since well, who knows when. Classically trained piano and violin musicians, these two women are taking mountains in Washington by storm. Rehearsing at home doesn’t match the challenges these two face when hiking before sunrise, to remote locations where they produce some of the most beautiful music you’ve heard in nature.

They are smart, funny, and down-to-earth- what’s not to like? Check out their videos and see some of your favorite songs in a brand new light (and background!)

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Editors note: These videos are edited and produced by The Musical Mountaineers. Republished with express written permission from Anastasia Allison. We encourage you to check out their YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep up with all their adventures!

Ashokan Farewell

Musical Mountaineers in the North Cascades

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Anastasia Allison , Skye Stoury, and I set out on the trail at 4:30AM on a chilly September morning under a starry sky. Our packs were heavy from the weight of a keyboard, a violin, and stove for our morning coffee. We watched the light dance on layers of mountains as the sun rose above the horizon. “To say that this was magical is a complete understatement – combining the mountains at sunrise with music and friendship was like an extension of my heart that I cannot possibly capture in words – and maybe it is best not to try. Music is a language that has the ability to speak to the deepest parts of the soul, without any words at all.” ~Anastasia Allison

“A Gift of Thistle” from Braveheart

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“Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Frozen

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GRANITE MOUNTAIN with The Musical Mountaineers and Watercolor Artists

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The Musical Mountaineers “Amazing Grace Medley”

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The Musical Mountaineers “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen in the FOREST

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“Colors of the Wind” on a cliff above Puget Sound (Violin & Piano)

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