Summer Sounds at Skansie Park 2017

Note: The summer 2017 Summer Sounds concert series has now ended… we will post the 2018 Summer Sounds at Skansie Park schedule in a separate post as soon as it is released. This is usually posted in the early spring. Hope to see you then!

If you love fun, music and free Gig Harbor events, then you’ll love Summer Sounds at Skansie! Every year, people from all over the community gather at Skansie Brothers Park in Gig Harbor to hear the best of local artists perform their music. This summer, we have another fantastic lineup. Mark your calendars, because you won’t want to miss even a single Tuesday night at Skansie Brothers Park!

June 27: The Dusty 45s (already played)

The Dusty 45s are a throwback to an era long gone, but their music is anything but stale. They play an energetic mix of jazz, jump blues, and R&B that fills Skansie Brothers Park with toe-tapping rhythms. You may even want to get up and dance! Whatever this band does, they do well—and they should, because they’ve been performing in the Seattle area for over 20 years. This classic band was a great way to kick off the first week of Summer Sounds at Skansie!

Watch the Dusty 45’s play a few of their songs and get a feel for the location by watching the video below. These guys really put on a show!

Dusty 45’s – Summer Sounds at Skansie in Gig Harbor on June 27th, 2017


[tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”kU0W-fkX2TA”]

For more information on the band, including upcoming show dates, visit the band website.


July 4: 133rd Army National Guard Band (already played)

The 133rd Army National Guard Band is one of the best military bands you’ll find! They play everything from classic marching band to country music, and they play in uniform. Can you imagine anything more patriotic for Independence Day? Head over to Skansie Brothers Park for some fresh summer air and a wonderful 4th of July event at the park.

Visit band website.


July 11: Wally and the Beavs (already played)

Elvis is still alive! Oh wait—it’s just Danny Vernon from Wally and the Beavs. Come to Summer Sounds at Skansie on July 11 to get some of that good, old-fashioned rock ‘n roll and more from The Blues Brothers, Mick Jagger, and the Beach Boys. Wally and the Beavs are so convincing that you might think you’re really seeing the legends themselves!

Photos of Wally and the Beavs

Visit band website.


July 18: The Beatniks (already played)

Step back into the 60s and 70s when you see The Beatnicks perform at Skansie Brothers Park. If you’re a Gig Harbor local, you may be familiar with this popular Seattle-area band and their crazy yet professional style. If you’re lucky, the band just might play audience requests, so have your favorite rock song handy!

Photos of the Beatniks

Visit band website.


July 25: Jessica Lynne (already played)

Jessica Lynne’s classy style and smooth voice continue to draw audiences around the Seattle area and beyond. Come enjoy some of Seattle’s best toe-tapping country tunes when Jessica Lynne plays at Summer Sounds!

Video of Jessica Lynne


Photos of Jessica Lynn

For more information, including tour schedule and a great overview of Jessica’s story, visit her website.


August 1: Bobby Sox and the Jukebox (already played)

The alternate name of this band is “Funaddicts,” a name you can understand when you see this dynamic quartet perform. Pink hair, flashy style, and cool shades are just the icing on the cake for this talented 50s and 60s band. Get the package deal when you see them live at Gig Harbor music in the park!

Visit band website.


August 8: The David Correa Group (already played)

Enjoy Southwest tunes when you hear the David Correa Group perform at Summer Sounds at Skansie. If you’re a fan of classical guitar, you won’t want to miss Correa and his band picking expertly away at their instruments.

Video of the David Correa Group


Photos of the David Correa Group

Visit band website.


August 15: Ranger & the ‘Re-Arrangers (already played)

Get ready for some Gypsy jazz! Listen to the sweet sound of Europe’s most romantic musical styles, featuring Old-World tunes by guitar and violin. This is the last of Summer Sounds at Skansie, Gig Harbor music in the park series, so be sure to come out and get one last taste of summer.

Video of Ranger & the ‘Re-Arrangers


Photos of Ranger & the ‘Re-Arrangers

Visit band website.


About Summer Sounds at Skansie

Skansie Park is a popular destination in Gig Harbor at all times of the year, but it’s probably best known for this concert series every summer. The series lineup is usually announced every March and features some of the best local bands from Gig Harbor and the surrounding communities. It is sponsored by Harbor Hill and CHI Franciscan Health and runs continuously from late June through the middle of August.

The concert series is immensely popular, bringing in many locals from Gig Harbor and the surrounding communities of Tacoma, Port Orchard and Bremerton.


What to bring to Skansie Park

The bands will play whether or not it is raining – it is Washington after all! You can bring small umbrellas, but note that any large umbrellas might cause the people behind you to get a little disgruntled at their less than perfect view of the stage.

The park was just renovated in time for the 2017 Summer Sounds concert series, so there is now a welcome plaza with better restrooms and a second floor viewing area as well.

Lawns chairs or a blanket to lay on the grass are always a good idea. blanket Summer Sounds at Skansie 2017

Pro tip: You can set up your chairs as early as 7 a.m. the day of the concert. Those who think ahead and set up early tend to get the better seats.

It can get VERY crowded at these concerts, so showing up early is always a good idea.

There is no smoking or alcohol allowed at the park. Bring plenty of water to drink and any snacks for you and friends or family. Many of the local restaurants actually have a delivery service to the park on these nights. You’ll want to call ahead and make sure that whatever restaurant you choose is offering that feature, but it can be a really nice way to have dinner before or during the show!


Directions to Skansie Park

Skansie Park is right on the edge of the harbor. If you’re coming from Hwy 16, probably the easiest way to get there is to take the exit for Wollochet Dr NW and Pioneer Way. You’ll want to head towards the harbor, so take Pioneer Way east. This will lead you down the hill and all the way to the harbor. The road will form a “T” at Harborview Dr and Pioneer Way. At this point, you’ll want to take a left and make your way about a block to the north. You’ll see Skansie Brothers Park and Netshed on your right, just across from the Maritime Inn and the Java & Clay Cafe.

You can use the interactive map below to plan your trip. You can zoom in and out or view a larger map to get detailed directions based on current traffic conditions.


Article co-written by Breana Johnson and Explore Washington State staff.

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