Skye Warden: Live It OutLoud Summer 2022

Show Notes

Live it OutLoud Program Manager Skye Warden

Skye Warden is my guest for this episode. Skye is a long time musician who is in charge of the Live It OutLoud Program.

Live It OutLoud is designed to give students the technical and artistic skills necessary to pursue their passion and even develop careers in the broader entertainment industry. Any aspiring, non-professional musician ages 12-18 can participate. Guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, bassists, vocalists, and other instrumentalists are welcome. The only prerequisites are the passion to work hard and learn for eight amazing weeks.

Skye Warden's musical background

Skye Warden Playing Guitar


Skye has been a full time professional musician, producer, videographer for over a decade. Skye currently is the guitar player in the band Abney Park.  Abney Park is a Steampunk inspired band that takes modern goth industrial sounds and blends them with Victoria era musical structure and instruments.  Skye also is the guitar player in  DK-Zero an industrial goth band.

Prior to being involved with Live it OutLoud Skye was teaching guitar at the All-Star Academy in Gig Harbor. He was approached to be a mentor and he accepted the opportunity. After being a mentor for a number of years he took over as the program director in 2020 just in time for the pandemic.



Live It OutLoud!

The program is designed to introduce young musicians around the area with each other. For eight weeks every summer the students are provided guidance and mentorship.  The kids audition and are then placed into a band with other participants with the goal of forming a group of kids with similar music taste and ability.

Throughout the summer the students are taught stage management, how to record, stage presence, how to write a song, how to do an interview, and much more.  The program has a final concert at The Spanish Ballroom.  The final concert is recorded and after the summer the video is released.  Additionally all bands will record a song and the album is released on band camp. (Here is the 2021 album)

Many of the kids participate more than one year and some of the bands stay together and continue to practice and perform after the program is finished in the summer. 

Skye is optimistic that the scope of the program can continue to grow and reach more young musicians. He would also like to see the program expand to provide guidance for musicians 18-21 who are too old for the existing program but are too young to play most venues that are available.

Live it Outloud logo


Episode Highlights

  • Find out why Abney Park is considered the first Steampunk Band
  • Learn more about how the program is structured
  • What the future looks like for Live It  OutLoud
  • In 2020 the program won an award from NAAM for innovation in education
  • Learn how Skye livestreams his Dungeons & Dragons campaign


Wrap up

Are you a music fan? Do you live in the Tacoma area? Make sure you check out a Live It OutLoud show during the summer. If you have 12 t0 18 year old who is looking to connect with other musicians? check out the Ted Brown Live It OutLoud Summer Music program.  



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