Shop Small and Support Washington Creatives Amidst Coronavirus: Part Four

Another week of staying home, but another week of supporting Washington creatives and small businesses across the state. Today I’ve rounded up some brands doing fun things for Mother’s Day, and each can be ordered from the comfort of your own homes to support local Washington businesses. 

Cecilia Stitch Card Wallet Support Creatives in Washington

Cecelia Stitch

Mother’s Day is a mere matter of weeks away, and if you’re anything like my husband: Last minute gifts are your forte. Cecelia Stitch is selling a limited quantity of her assorted Mother’s Day gift boxes. Inside you’ll find a gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS, wool and leather handmade item, a custom hand-written note to the recipient and a Theo Chocolate product. She is shipping May 1 to make sure they get to their destination in time. 

Eve aka Cecelia, started her brand back in 2016 as a side hustle, and it has bloomed into a business that I can’t stop looking at. Her wallets and purses are something right out of a dream. Eve grew up in a creative home, and has a background in architecture and design in Seattle.

“Working with my hands is where I find myself most genuine,” she said, and you can tell by her work. She sources high quality materials that are guaranteed to last. On her website you can also find care guides for your items to ensure they are getting proper love. 

If you’re looking to drool over some wish-list items, make sure to check out her Instagram.

Paper Luxe Paper Set Support Creatives in Washington

Paper Luxe

Paper Luxe is also doing gift bundles for Mother’s Day. With an abundance of choices like citrus kitchen, gardening, or a Golden Girls bundle, you’re sure to find something for the woman figure in your life. They are all reasonably priced, and you’re sure to find something within your budget. 

The Paper Luxe team is made up of Jennifer and her mom, Luna. They have a wide selection of lovely curated items including purses, indoor plants, cards and more. Think of them as your one-stop-shop for any gift or decoration item you’re looking for. 

They are very active on Instagram, showcasing different products they offer at any given time. Paper Luxe is sure to give you some great ideas for home goods, or surprise presents for those you love. 

Secretly I’m wishing for a book they have, “Gardening in the Pacific Northwest.”

Bleach Sweatshirt Support Creatives in Washington


Moving on to our final brand of the week! Bleach. Before you go on thinking that I’m telling you to buy the woman in your life, bleach — think again. 

Bleach is based in Tacoma, and has an awesome collection of sports apparel. While they aren’t doing something specific for Mother’s Day, you can find some really cool tops, beanies and more for women. 

Since they are based in Tacoma, a lot of their gear celebrates the 253. Their “You’ll Like Tacoma” crew sweatshirt is on the top of my list. If the person you’re shopping for is into longboarding, they have got you covered as well with this board.

We are all about repping Washington state, and that’s why we have chosen to feature Bleach. When COVID-19 is all over, you’ll be able to find them at the Tacoma Night Market. They are perfect for those Tacoma lovin’ women, because as we all know, Tacoma is better than Seattle. (Ha!) 

That’s it for this week. Make sure to breathe, spend too much time on Instagram and eat something that makes you happy. 

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Photos by: Cecelia Stitch, Paper Luxe, Bleach and John-Mark Smith.

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