Gift Guide 2020: Shop Salt Blade

Kicking off the third local Washington brand for our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide, let us introduce you to: Salt Blade.

Bob Blade, owner and founder of this delicious sustainably sourced salami company, has been making your (soon to be) favorite snacks since 2013. Based in Seattle, Bob prides himself on holding to his base values: locally, responsibly sourced pork and beef. He sources his meat from Olsen Farms in Colville, Washington. It’s a family owned farm where the animals are allowed to graze, eat, sleep and mingle as they please.

Salt Blade sausages

Following A Passion

Bob worked in IT, using his background in software engineering, for over 10 years before deciding to follow his calling. After reading likely hundreds of books about anything food-related, and spending most of his life enjoying cooking, he found his idea. 

Add in his years of research about the global issues facing farming, our food chain, and the effects of poor quality meat, and Salt Blade was founded. With his degree in biomedical engineering and his passion for food serving as his foundation, he got his start. 

Salt Blade products gift guide

Salt Blade Products

When shopping Salt Blade, you’ll find one of our favorite sticks: the Seattle Stick. A perfectly luscious combination of chocolate and cacao from Indi Chocolates (another Seattle business), this salami stick is a MUST-HAVE in any stocking stuffer this year. 

If that is too adventurous for you or your gift receiver, why not try his spin on an old-world Balinese recipe, Urutan, where spice, ginger and turmeric come together with all-pork salami for a mouthful of newfound love.

We love Salt Blade because we appreciate every moment of research that Bob has spent putting into making the perfect product. 

You can find his website here or check out his Instagram page. Salt Blade can also be found in a variety of shops across the country and at farmers markets in Washington

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