Episode 20: Ridge Line Rings. Handmade in Spokane.

Hosted by: MacKenzie Passegger
October 15, 2020

Episode 20: Ridge Line Rings. Handmade in Spokane.

Show Notes

In this episode our guest host MacKenzie Passegger has a conversation with Graham Silcher owner and founder of Ridge Line Rings based in Spokane.

Ridge Line Rings Logo The conversation is about how Graham started making bentwood rings first as a gift for his mom. From there thing just started moving forward quickly. Learn how he started using Elk Antlers that he found while out hiking.  Graham shares with us how he gets inspiration and how bentwood rings or antler rings can make a great gift for that special someone in your  life.

We hope you will enjoy this episode and that you will visit Ridge Line Rings and help support Washington State based small businesses.


 Ridge Line Rings is featured in our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.


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