Rainier Beer Movie

Show Notes

Rainier Beer Movie

The advertising of Rainier Beer spawned many cult classic commercials in the Northwest. Our guests got into the idea of documenting the ads after collecting Rainier Beer swag for their bar and asking the question where can we get the original film of the commercials?

Guest Background

The Petersons describe the origin of the Rainier Room at the bar, after they filled it with all of the memorabilia they could find relating to Rainier Beer. The room has a TV running all of the ads on a loop, and quickly became a fan favorite.

The Thing They Do

The team described the long adventure to locating the original film of the commercials. From cold calling people who might have been involved, to tracking down agencies, to the final fortuitous encounter with the Washington State Historical Society.

Recorded on location and includes several audio clips from Rainier ads.

Episode Highlights


  • Justin and Rob Peterson, Executive Producers. Rainier Beer Movie Film with the Peterson BrothersThe Peterson Brothers champions of Tacoma. Owners of three eating and drinking establishments in Tacoma. Lifelong collectors of interesting things. They admit to being packrats during our conversation.

The movie project was inspired by their Rainier Beer themed room at their bar Eleven Eleven.


Isaac Olson Looking at Rainier Beer Movie FilmIsaac Olson, Director. Isaac is a Tacoma filmmaker, writer, producer, and historian. Previously Isaac has released films including Semi Iconic a film about Dick Rossetti a Seattle area musician and DJ. and Strictly Sacred, The Story of Girl Trouble. Girl Trouble is a Tacoma band that has been performing  since 1983.

Isaac is the person who located the tape archive of the Rainier Beer commercials. During our conversation he shares a lot of great information on the history of the Rainier Beer Commercials and the advertising agency, and other creatives who were involved in the commercials over the years.




Wrap up

Rainier Beer the Movie is running a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the money needed to complete the project. You can help the project with a donation via the Kickstarter.  


Depending on your contribution level you can receive some amazing Rainier Beer swag that is impossible to find anywhere else. You can even get your name in the movie credits if you contribute $25 or more

Make sure you check out the Kickstarter now.


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