Episode 22: Mike Reichner of Purple Haze Lavender Farm in Sequim

Hosted by: Scott Cowan
October 29, 2020

Episode 22: Mike Reichner of Purple Haze Lavender Farm in Sequim

Show Notes

Today Sequim is well known for Lavender.  In the 1990's that was not the case.  Mike Reichner went to a meeting one night and came home with a brand new plan.  Soon Lavender would be blooming and Sequim was on the way to be the Lavender capital of  Washington.

Purple Haze Lavender Farm LogoIn this episode we chat about how Purple Haze Lavender Farm was named. We learn that there are many flavors of Lavender Ice Cream!  Purple Haze has a Lavender salad dressing and many other products using Lavender that we would of never imagined.  There is a story about a wooden statue in the back of the truck.  You will have to listen to hear the full story.

Mike is a great story teller and you can hear just how passionate he is about Lavender, Sequim, and  Agritourism.  We know you will enjoy this episode.

The farm is open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Even when the farm is not in season you are allowed to walk the grounds and see all that is happening.  During the season the farm is hopping and thousands of people visit each year.

Purple Haze has a retail location in downtown Sequim and is open seven days a week. You should stop by the shop and see all of the Lavender inspired products. If you are not near Sequim no fear!  Purple Haze has an online store.  Shop from the comfort of your couch and soon you will have amazing Lavender products delivered right to your front door.


We know you will enjoy this episode. We are looking forward to visiting the farm again in 2021.

Some of the places mentioned in this episode.

Dear listener.  Every now and then things don't go as planned. This episode is one of those times. Forgetting to bring equipment, failed memory card, first time doing a in person interview and more made this the most challenging episode that we have been involved with.  (to this point we're sure there will be other hiccups)  Mike and his wife were simply amazing and so patient.  We had a great time chatting with them both.  Thank you for having us as guests. The audio is not where we would like it to be but the content is wonderful.

Some of the places mentioned in this episode.





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