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Located in the northwest corner of the state, Pierce County Washington sits at the bottom of the Puget Sound and is close in proximity to two other popular counties: King County and Thurston County.

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State Of The Art Costco Coming to Bonney Lake!

State Of The Art Costco Coming to Bonney Lake! Big things are happening for the residents of Bonney Lake, the second Costco in East Pierce County is close to opening up its membership-only doors by summer 2018. The next closest location is currently in Puyallup....

Finholm View Climb provides an excellent view of Gig Harbor

Finholm View Climb in Gig Harbor The Finholm View Climb provides an excellent view of Gig Harbor, complete with panoramic views of Mount Rainier and the Gig Harbor Marina. Yet sadly, many people in the area don’t know about this little local treasure because it’s...

LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma

LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma The LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma is one of the coolest places in Washington to see historic cars. If you love history, cars, or both, this museum is a great way to enjoy an afternoon in the south Puget Sound! Roll up your sleeves, because this...

Browns Point Lighthouse Beach

Browns Point Lighthouse Beach Children crying because it's too hot outside? Dad wants to take the motorcycle for a spin? Mom just wants to read her book in the shade? Then grab your arm floaties and your fishing rod and head down to Brown's Point park just southwest...

Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Park Today we want to dive into an overview of Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. This large public park is nestled at the end of the scenic Ruston Way "Waterwalk" in the north end of Tacoma and is home to three of the city's most popular destinations for...

Summer Sounds at Skansie 2017

Summer Sounds at Skansie Park 2017 Note: The summer 2017 Summer Sounds concert series has now ended... we will post the 2018 Summer Sounds at Skansie Park schedule in a separate post as soon as it is released. This is usually posted in the early spring. Hope to see...

What County Is Gig Harbor In?

If you're new to the area or looking to move to Gig Harbor, you might be wondering, "What county is Gig Harbor in?" Gig Harbor is in Pierce County, WA. The red outline in the map above shows the borders of Pierce County. As you can see, Pierce County also includes...

Commute Times from Gig Harbor

Looking for average commute times from Gig Harbor to other areas in the Puget Sound? See our quick list of popular commutes below. Note: (These may vary widely based on traffic, especially for longer commutes) Gig Harbor to Seattle Average Drive Time 46 minutes...

We’re back…well sort of…Anderson Island Update

Hi there! We're back well sort of.... we are looking for someone or many someone's who would like to help us build up the site again.  If you have a interest in Anderson Island and would like to donate some time to help publish articles on events, people, and other...

Anderson Island Street Scramble Save the Date September 7th 2013

Are you looking for a fun way to explore Anderson Island? Try the Anderson Island on Saturday September 7th. The scramble starts at 10am and you will have three hours to visit the checkpoints and get to the finish line. If you return late you will penalized for every...

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