The Partners in Preservation 2010 popular voting is over and the winner is the Schooner Adventuress. The winning entry receives the $125,000 grant. Also receiving a grant of $125,000 is the Town Hall Seattle. This is due to the extreme closeness of the voting. On the final day of voting the top two sites swapped places several times.

On June 15th. 2010 the rest of the sites that will receive grants will be announced. We hope that The Johnson Farm on Anderson Island is one of the historical sites that receives a grant. The historical society did a very nice job preparing the request for a $67,000 preservation grant.

In our opinion all sites that were included in this competition are winners. The increased awareness and extra exposure will help all 25 sites in their efforts to continue to educated the public and maintain the properties.

It’s never too late to get involved. Volunteer to help the Johnson Farm. For more information on the farm you can visit the Anderson Island Historical Societies website.