Outside and Stuff – Featured Creator

Outside and Stuff – Featured Creator

One of our favorite YouTube channels to binge watch is Outside and Stuff by the dynamic duo Nick and Jen. But this isn’t your typical Washington State YouTube vlogger trying to become an internet sensation; these guys are truly fun to watch while being fundamentally down-to-earth. Even their bio reflects their casual but entertaining style:

“Hi! I’m Nick and this is Jen. And this channel is about our adventures where we take you outside and show you…stuff. I’m a Floridian, and Jen is a Seattle native. I grew up boating and exploring the Everglades. While Jen grew up developing a healthy obsession for volcanoes and geology in general. Together we romp about the outdoors and try to bring that back to you, the ever inquisitive viewers of YouTube.”

Their excursions have ranged from Patagonia to Australia, but they tend to spend a lot of time in Washington as well. A lot of content on YouTube is… well… vain and egotistical. And this pair of adventurers is refreshingly human, normal and humble.

But that doesn’t mean that they lack the qualities of being interesting or engaging. On the contrary, watching them explore Washington state is truly inspirational, even to those who don’t ordinarily hike.

On almost every video they also give out helpful resources like GPS coordinates, maps and helpful tips about the trail that they are on. We hope they encourage you to get out there and explore Washington!

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Editors note: These videos are edited and produced by Outside and Stuff. Republished with express written permission from Nick Botner. We encourage you to check out their YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep up with all their adventures!

Backpacking the Enchantments

Snow Lakes – Episode 1

View the rest of the Backpacking the Enchantments series below…

Background: It’s September 2016, Jen and I won a Core Zone permit from the Enchantments Lottery. We booked five nights/six days with a full crew of eight hikers and set out from the Snow Lakes Trail Head. These videos are an intro as to what to expect if you too are backpacking the Enchantments. If you are planning on hiking/backpacking the Enchantments, please do more research than what you see here. This is an amazing and life threatening area, proceed at your own risk. My GPS Track: http://bit.ly/2tIAVjp

Accessing the Core Zone – Episode 2

Welcome to the first installment of our Enchantments backpacking the CORE mini series! In this first episode we set off from the Snow Lakes Trailhead and make way for Upper Snow Lakes.

Lower Core Zone – Episode 3

It’s the second half of day two and we are now in the Lower Core Zone. We took a break at Lake Vivian to swim, snack and recharge. But now it’s time to make our way through the lower core and find a campsite that will fit our four tents.

Summiting Dragontail – Episode 4

It’s day three and we have made camp in the Lower Core Zone at Lake Inspiration. And with the continuation of amazing weather Jen, her brother and I set out to tackle our largest mountain ever, Dragontail Peak. It’s not the fastest route, it’s not the easiest route, but it is the least technical and safest for our level of gear and experience. So off we go.

Prusik Pass & Gnome Tarn – Episode 5

It’s day four and it’s our day off. We’re not totally sure about the incoming change in weather, so we skip the hard summits and move to explore Prusik Pass and the famous Gnome Tarn. But not all goes as planned and I have a bit of a run-in with one of the locals.

Final Thoughts – Episode 6

It’s day Five. Wait, no it’s not. It’s a week later. We had to evacuate the enchantments due to extreme weather. We went into survival mode, and the number one priority was getting my team off the mountains and down to safety as quickly as possible. Jen and I recap those final hours and reflect a little on the amazing adventure we had.

The Enchantments – 2017

It’s the end of Summer and we have a permit for the Core Zone in the Enchantments. The initial plan was to start at Stuart Trailhead and backpack our way through to Snow Lakes Trailhead. Unfortunately there was a large fire (Jack Creek Fire) that shut down most of the Enchantments and we had to settle for entering in from Snow Lakes again. Thankfully, as we were entering the core, a snow storm came through and put out the fire. I filmed what I could, when I wasn’t busy trying to not freeze. 🙂

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