Northwest Maritime Center

The Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC) is a nonprofit organization based in Port Townsend, Washington, dedicated to engaging and educating individuals across all generations in both traditional and contemporary maritime life. Established with a spirit of adventure and discovery at its core, the center aims to use maritime experiences as powerful educational tools.

Northwest Maritime Center LogoThe NWMC was founded in 1978, following the first Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, reflecting a long-standing commitment to maritime culture and education. The center offers a wide range of programs for both youth and adults, including sailing classes, boat building, navigation, and seamanship skills enhancement. These programs are designed to inspire participants to embrace adventure while learning about maritime traditions and contemporary practices.

The center is located at a prime site adjacent to downtown Port Townsend, saved from a condominium project by the efforts of local citizens and Jefferson County. This location not only serves as an educational campus but also as a venue for hosting various events, contributing to the local community and maritime heritage.

The Northwest Maritime Center is home to many of Port Townsend’s iconic events, such as the Wooden Boat Festival, Race to Alaska, and SEVENTY48, making it a central figure in celebrating maritime culture in Port Townsend and throughout Puget Sound. These events and the educational programs offered by the NWMC play a crucial role in connecting people to maritime experiences and the sea, further expanding its mission and impact in the community​


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