OlyTown FC USLW With Ryan Perkins

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The Thrilling Soccer Journey of OlyTown FC with Ryan Perkins

OlyTown USLW

OlyTown FC's Competitive Season and Impressive Talent

OlyTown FC had a competitive and edge-of-the-seat season against the Portland squad, United PDX. The talent margin was significant, making every game a must-watch for soccer enthusiasts. Their games took place at the South Sound Stadium, a venue boasting a capacity of 2000 people, complete with amenities like locker rooms and a press box.

Challenges Faced and the Need for Better Infrastructure

The region's lack of soccer facilities and fields has sparked discussions about investing in better infrastructure for high-level soccer matches. Despite initial buzz and enthusiasm from the community, there was a need to change perspectives and build a sports market in the area.

Looking Ahead to the 2024 Season

As OlyTown FC gears up for the 2024 season, preparations are in full swing, including recruiting, tryouts, and apparel. Positive feedback from players wanting to return is setting the stage for an exciting upcoming season.

Insight into the USL Women's League


Ryan Perkins provides fascinating insights into the USL women's league, a nationwide professional amateur league designed for Division 1 college players and some pros seeking playing time.

The Journey of OlyTown FC's Women's Team and Surprises in the Playoffs

The unexpected success of OlyTown FC's women's team saw them become the number one seed in the USLW national playoffs. However, despite their best efforts they faced challenges, including unforeseen expenses for flights, hotels, and meals. It's hard to budget for playoff success during your first season.

The Future of OlyTown FC and the USLW League

As the conversation unfolds, it becomes clear that OlyTown FC is not just about winning games; the team is committed to developing high-caliber players and inspiring the next generation of athletes through community involvement and access to professional athletes. The USL league, both women's and men's, provides opportunities for players to showcase their skills and take their careers to the next level.

Challenges and Excitement in the USL League

From the challenges faced by OlyTown FC to the excitement of watching the University of Washington Huskies football team, the podcast offers a glimpse into the rollercoaster of experiences in the world of sports. The discussion also touches on the impact of various USL leagues, including arena soccer and indoor soccer, on players' careers.

Indoor Soccer: A Different Ball Game

The podcast also delves into the world of indoor soccer, a completely different game from outdoor soccer. The faster pace, smaller field, and different player demographics make it a truly unique experience. OlyTownFC is dedicated to training and inspiring the next generation of soccer players, offering clinics, camps, and opportunities for youth to interact with pro athletes.

Community Involvement and Recreational Suggestions

Ryan Perkins also shares his thoughts on the need for a new home for indoor sports in Olympia, along with efforts to push for more soccer fields in the county.

Moreover, for those looking to explore Olympia, Ryan recommends Rhythms Coffee for its live music and beer, and Nicole's Bar for its delectable menu and live music offerings. And if you're a pie enthusiast, you're sure to be amused by his amusing reference to a Jim Gaffigan joke about pancakes.

Wrapping Up

As the episode draws to a close, the podcast encourages listeners to visit OlyTown FC's website and follow them on Instagram for updates, tickets, and merchandise.

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