May 2018 Featured Creator – @Topomountainman

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May 2018 Featured Creator

Howdy everyone, thanks for stopping by and checking out my story!


topomountainmanA Bit About Me…

My name is Mark and I’m a born-and-raised Washingtonian. Growing up just a little south of Seattle, I’ve always been staring at mountains like a golden retriever stares at you when you have a treat in your hand.  But I never really did anything other than hiking because I was always afraid of heights. That changed 3 years ago when I decided to try bouldering, and now I work at a local climbing gym and teach others how to climb. At the start of 2017 I decided to get a camera to document my adventures. The ability to climb mountains and capture the moments when nature shows herself off is priceless to me!


Pursuing Adventures

I’m currently healing from a torn ligament in my ankle after falling while climbing. I’ll be fully healed and on more adventures by June though! My next big adventure will be climbing in a place called the Bugaboos in Canada in July. I couldn’t be more excited to be climbing 2000 ft rock spires in some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen!


The biggest thing photography and climbing have taught me is to never give up on your dreams! With enough effort, practice and patience anything is possible. Don’t ever stop climbing your mountain!





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Connect with Mark!

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Editors note: The content on this page has been edited and re-produced with express consent from Mark of @topomountainman. If you want to use any images from this post, please contact Mark directly.

Adventure Photos

Spirit Falls

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Snowy Trees In The Light

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Mount Si Pond

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