Let’s talk Ceramics with Brooke Martinez of 2232° Ceramics in Spokane!

Hosted by: MacKenzie Passegger
August 27, 2020

Let’s talk Ceramics with Brooke Martinez of 2232° Ceramics in Spokane!

Show Notes

In this episode we chat with Brooke Martinez of 2232° Ceramics in Spokane. The host for this episode is MacKenzie Passegger. Brooke describes her workflow for her amazing mugs. Do you know what a cone stick is?  We didn't either.  After listening you will know what a cone stick is and what its used for. Brooke shares stories about mugs exploding in the kiln and other pottery mishaps.

Her mugs are selling out in five minutes!  That is amazing. The demand for her mugs is off the charts. We featured her work in our Shop Small and Support Washington Creatives during Coronavirus series. Earlier this year we partnered in a giveaway for one of her mugs.  The number of entries almost broke the giveaway software.

Brooke shares her favorite places to hang out in Spokane. Riverfront Park, Perry District, Kendell Yards, and other places.


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