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Do You Know This Local Produce Market in Kent?

Do You Know This Local Produce Market in Kent? Carpinito Brothers Farm History Over fifty years ago, two brothers from Kent, Washington were growing and selling produce they harvested on their own family farm. After a few years, they began selling local produce from...

Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center

Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center Federal Way residents are excited to welcome the addition of the Federal Way Performing Arts & Event Center to the newly remodeled downtown district as of August 19th, 2017. From Seattle to Tacoma, those who are...

Browns Point Lighthouse Beach

Browns Point Lighthouse Beach Children crying because it's too hot outside? Dad wants to take the motorcycle for a spin? Mom just wants to read her book in the shade? Then grab your arm floaties and your fishing rod and head down to Brown's Point park just southwest...

Maple Valley Days 2017

Maple Valley Days 2017: List of Events Maple Valley is a city in western Washington State that is best known for an annual festival called "Maple Valley Days". This festival is celebrated each year at Lake Wilderness Park in King County. The events start the second...

Bellevue Botanical Garden

Bellevue Botanical Garden The Bellevue Botanical Garden is a popular destination for visitors and residents. And for good reason... this garden boasts 53 acres of lush gardens, wetlands and restored woodlands. And the best part is that it's FREE and open daily!...

Commute Times from Bellevue

Looking for average commute times from Bellevue to other areas in the Puget Sound? See our quick list of popular commutes below. Note: (These may vary widely based on traffic, especially for longer commutes) Bellevue to Seattle Average Drive Time 15 minutes Average...

What County is Bellevue in?

If you're new to the area or looking to move to Bellevue, you might be wondering, "What county is Bellevue in?" Bellevue is in King County, WA. The red outline in the map above shows the borders of King County. Bellevue, Seattle and Redmond are just a few of the large...

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