Inlander Restaurant Week in Spokane

Restaurant Week is finally back! Who doesn’t love food, eating and trying new places? I know I do and I'm having a great time trying them. I personally love when restaurant week returns, because I love to return to the same old spots and trying new places. It’s always fun seeing what is on the list of restaurants that we haven’t been to and trust me there are so many places to choose from we haven’t made it to all of them. It’s a personal goal to try all of them on here and thankfully they keep returning yearly.

Why Should You Attend?

There are over 100+ restaurants to choose from, and boy do you get spoiled with a 3-course meal at every restaurant and a price that can’t be beat, starting at $25, $35, & $45 you pick one item from each course, each course has three items you can choose from. They also have local drinks that are made here in the PNW in the hometown of Spokane, WA that you can add with your meal. You can choose from an incredible spirit, beer, wine, cider and more that are all local. This is a great way to get out and try a place you have been eying for a minute or return and try something that’s on their menu that you haven’t got to yet.

This Year’s Event

This year marks a great milestone for Restaurant week, it’s been going on for 10 full years! 10 full days of culinary nights of great cuisine and great celebrations. It's full of so much flavor and fun. Since it first started it has kept some of its original favorites along with many new exciting restaurants to join along the way. Enjoy fine dining, explore breweries, pubs, and many restaurants who will showcase their skills, crafts and artful presentations with each meal that will look so good that they look like they belong in a magazine.

Inlander Restaurant Weekly Food
Melting Pot Food Spread

What is Restaurant Week All About?

Restaurant week is all about getting people out to try new places and places you didn’t know existed. There is a full menu of choices from all over the global map. For example, a Spanish Sopa de Almendras at De España, or at Hogwash Whiskey Den for a beer bread pudding, or at Das Stein Haus for a German dish of Sauerbraten, a slow roasted Roast Beef in red wine seasoning. If you are a cheese and meat lover, oh my, you are going to love The Melting Pot. It's so delicious and a night you won’t forget. The setting is perfect and everything is done right in front of you at your table you get to cook your food and dip in your cheese all right there. Your first course is a cheese fondue served with breads, apples, and veggies you get to dip in the cheesy goodness, second course you choose a salad of your choice, and your third course you can choose from the meat lovers, the coastal, and the vegetarian, now this is the fun part where you get to cook your food at your table in a marinade and eat those pieces with one of their dipping sauces.

Course from The Melting Pot

Special Options for Those with Food Restrictions

There are also plant-based plates offered for vegetarians and vegans but designed for all to try. It just sounds yummy, and I want to try but here’s a few examples of places you can try at, Rüt Bar & Kitchen one of their first course options is a cauliflower wings with your choice of buffalo or Thai dipping sauce. At Honey Social Club & Eatery you can try a vegetarian meatless meatloaf with a side of sweet potato hash and a tangy topping barbecue sauce made from laughing dog brewery beer. 

For all you seafood lovers there are a few different underwater eats for you to try, such as Baba's mediterranean-inspired fish shish kabob paired with amba sauce and a peppery relish called Schug. Chaps has a freshwater trout coated in a crunchy pecan mixture served with a savory brandy sauce. And at Spencer’s For Steak & Chops you can get a delicious 6-ounce halibut cooked in paper to keep it moist and tender served over orzo.

Food Spread from Inlander Restaurant Weekly

It's Growing Every Year

Restaurant week may have started in Spokane but it also has a handful of locations in Coeur d’Alene, ID  and each year it keeps growing with more and more participants joining in. Ones to check in that are participating are Beverly’s And Dockside both located in The Coeur d’Alene Resort, The Cedars Floating Restaurant and Tito’s Italian Grill & Wine Shop. 

Restaurant week is a great time to get out and enjoy a date night, family time, a girl’s night out, a friend’s night or just have a great time alone and enjoy some amazing food. If your like us where we pick items we want to share so we can hit up a few places in one night, we have a great time restaurant hopping it's our fun way of getting out and having a night on the town and repeating, or you can of course not share keep it all to yourself and do one place at a time, don’t worry there is no judgment here just as long as your having a great time that’s all that matters.

Melting pot Restaurant Weekly

I know I’m hungry just writing about all this great food, and maybe you are too after reading about them all and just as excited to get out and try them too. I can’t wait to go out and try so many restaurants this year. What are you looking forward to trying this year? Or what is your favorite place you like that you will be returning to? I hope you enjoy yourselves and have a great time out there. You deserve it, have fun! 

My Favorite Stops

A few of my favorite places and one of the many 100+ places to try are. 

The Melting Pot $45 

Bark Public House $25 

Iron Goat Brewing Taproom & Kitchen $35 

O’Doherty’s Irish Grill $35 

Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill & Irish Pub $25 

Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar $35 

Das Stein Haus $35 

De Leon’s Taco & Bar $25 

Tomato Street $35

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