Heritage Distilling Company Conversation with Hannah Hanley Chief Marketing Officer

September 3, 2020
Show Notes

In this episode our host Scott Cowan chats with Hannah Hanley Chief Marketing Officer for Heritage Distilling Company.

Hannah shares the history of Heritage Distilling where the inspiration was found around a campfire to today where Heritage has partnered with the Chehalis Tribe opening Talking Cedar Distillery and Brewery.  The first distillery on Tribal land in the United States. We also learn how Heritage made the quick decision to switch to producing hand sanitizer to help with the shortage at the outbreak of COVID-19.

We also chat about some of the special programs Heritage participates in.  The Special Forces Whiskey Project that donates to multiple charities that help families of Special Forces members.  We learn about the Cask Club which allows you to have a 10 liter cask filled with your choice of spirits that you can customize.  During the conversation Hannah share the origin story for the Elk Rider brand of spirits.  As you will hear my reaction was noticeable.  You will learn more about Heritage's tasting rooms with locations in both Washington and Oregon you will not have to travel too far to go and enjoy tasting some of Heritage Distilling Companies offerings.

As always we ask our guests to share places that they enjoy visiting in Washington State and Hannah provides us with a nice list of places. Including Walla Walla and Crystal Mountain.

This was a really fun episode to record. Hannah was a great guest and I know you will enjoy listening to it.

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 Some of the Places Mentioned in this Episode


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