Harish Kumar is Capturing the Moody Beauty of Washington State

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Harish Kumar

Harish Kumar Guest on Exploring Washington State


Welcome to another exciting episode of "Exploring Washington State" with your host Scott Cowan. In this episode, Scott is joined by the talented photographer Harish Kumar as they dive deep into the world of photography and discuss the hidden beauties of Washington state. From finding a unique photography style to capturing moody landscapes, and even venturing into the realm of culinary delights, this episode packs a punch! So, let's grab our cameras and embark on an insightful journey together.

Unleashing the Unique Photography Style:

Scott and Harish start the conversation by exploring the concept of photography in Washington state and how many images tend to fall into a similar formulaic pattern. However, Harish is determined to break away from this trend and capture the lesser-known beauty of the Pacific Northwest. By venturing to the east side of the state, Harish aims to discover the moody and atmospheric aesthetic that sets it apart from the west side. Discovering new locations within a few hours' drive from Seattle, Harish promises a fresh perspective and a plethora of photographic opportunities.

Embracing Risks and Pursuing Passions:

Congratulating the listeners for pursuing their passions and taking risks, both Scott and Harish acknowledge the challenges and apprehensions that come with stepping away from the familiarities of corporate America. However, they emphasize the importance of taking a leap of faith and embracing failure as an opportunity to grow. By trying new things and refusing to stay stagnant, listeners gain the courage to explore uncharted territories in their own lives.

Harish Kumar Looking towards camera


From Business to the Arts:

Discussing their educational backgrounds, Harish discloses that he majored in Business at the University of Washington but decided to pursue a career in the arts. Despite initial doubts, Harish's parents were supportive of the career switch, reflecting the importance of following one's passion and finding fulfillment in one's chosen path.

Democratizing Photography with iPhones:

Acknowledging the widespread misconception that professional photography requires expensive gear and extensive knowledge,  Harish sheds some light on the power of iPhone apps for hiking enthusiasts. Contrary to popular belief, Harish asserts that impressive photography can be achieved through the use of an iPhone. The convenience and portability of these devices empower creators to capture and share their vision effortlessly.

The iPhone Revolution:

Realizing the potential of his iPhone as a powerful photography tool,  Harish shifted their focus from his expensive cameras to the convenience of his phones. Impressively, Harish has received positive feedback on the content they capture using his iPhone. Harish emphasizes that the best camera is the one you have with you, proving that remarkable photography is within everyone's grasp.

The Journey of Growth:

Reflecting on his photography journey, Harish shares tales of the progress he has each made in honing this skills. From learning about composition and camera settings from a manager at Apple to immersing himself in YouTube tutorials. Harish highlights the importance of consistently posting his work and welcoming feedback. By embracing perseverance, Harish is able to find happiness in his craft and connect with a broader audience.

Love, Adventure, and Photography:

Sometimes love blossoms in the most unexpected ways, and for Harish and his wife, photography brought them together. Brought together by mutual friends on Instagram during the pandemic, their shared passion sparked a remarkable journey culminating in a proposal in New York City and a wedding a year and a half later. Their love story is a testament to the power of genuine connections forged through shared interests.

Capturing the Uniqueness Within:

In the final segment, Scott and Harish encourage listeners to believe in themselves and embrace their own unique style rather than trying to replicate others. They affirm that everyones perspective is special and deserves to be shared. With the power of social media, photographers have the opportunity to go viral overnight, making it vital to showcase their authentic selves.
In this captivating episode of "Exploring Washington State," Harish Kumar takes listeners on a journey through the hidden beauties of photography in Washington State. From capturing moody landscapes to embracing risks and pursuing passions, this episode is filled with invaluable advice and relatable stories. So, grab your camera, explore new horizons, and remember, the world is waiting to see the unique beauty you have to offer!

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  1. […] Harish Kumar is Capturing the Moody Beauty of Washington State […]

  2. […] Harish Kumar is Capturing the Moody Beauty of Washington State […]

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