Gift Guide 2020: Tuesday Shop

Next up, let’s introduce you to Tuesday Shop

If you’re shopping for a woman this holiday season, here it is: hand-dyed and painting clothing and accessories, created with zero-waste designs using factory remnants and vintage fabrics. 

So, who is behind Tuesday Shop? Owner Rian Robinson first attended the University of Washington and majored in ceramics, but says she always felt more comfortable working with fabrics. After a few years of creating clothing for herself, she applied for a program in 2011 called, “Storefronts Seattle.” The aim was to fill empty or abandoned retail spaces with creative businesses. Lucky for her (and quite frankly, all of us) she got a space! 

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This year, I’ve got her High Low Kimono Peach Mini Floral Georgette, on my list. While she’s got dozens of designs, and it is hard to choose which one is the one for me, this is a shop you can’t enter without wanting one of everything you see. Her kimonos are light and flowy, with a low hem and waist tie. The styles of her kimonos are extremely versatile, but now in the colder months of the year, it is the perfect throw-on for an evening out with friends. In the summer months, it would make for a beautiful swimsuit coverup without overheating you. 

Tuesday Shop kimono

The Process

Rian hand paints with dyes, and admits she knew it was going to be a challenge. Through trial and error, she has finally found her thickened dye recipe. “Digitally printed fabric is becoming so much more common, and as a one woman show, I wanted to make sure my pieces were truly unique and could stand out. By individually painting each kimono, every person that purchases one of my pieces can see my own hand and know it was created just for them.” Making the kimonos can take several days, with the longest portion of the process being, allowing the dye to set into the fabric. 

Her hand-dyed fabrics are plant-based, typically out of bamboo, linen and cotton. Keeping true to her zero-waste goal, her kimonos are made from full rectangles of fabric to selvage like traditional Japanese kimonos. Rian is half-Japanese, and while her kimonos aren’t the same shape of the traditional kimonos we all know, they are inspired by the function and beauty. 

Tuesday Shop kimono Washington gift guide 2020

Fashion For All

From funky designs to solid colors, she has a variety for every fashion style!

Her high-low kimonos are one size, and thanks to the extra fabric you can adjust at the waist – we truly believe these will fit anyone who you’re shopping for this year! They are flattering, hand-dyed/painted, and just gorgeous. 

At the time of this writing, she’s had to convert her storefront in Seattle into a full-time studio, but not to fret! Head to her website, and shop there! Tuesday Shop also participates in multiple virtual craft fairs, so make sure to keep an eye out. 

I highly recommend following her on Instagram to get an insight into her process: Watch the magic happen! Check out our 2020 Gift Guide to learn about other unique Washington businesses.

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