Gift Guide 2020: Shop Wish You Were Northwest

There’s nothing like community. Here at Explore Washington State, we have built a small but strong group of people who continue to support us on our journey. Wish You Were Northwest, has done the same with their clothing. 

Sisters Tory and Tahnee grew up outside of Seattle in a log house, surrounded by music, art and animals. They’ve spent their lives enjoying the arts and being creative – something that many of us could only wish for! 

Wish You Were Northwest Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide


This holiday season, I’m lucky enough to have their “NRTHWST” crewneck sweatshirt to remind me of home. It’s perfectly unisex, cozy, and doesn’t look frumpy when paired with jeans! Depending on how you like your fit as a female – you may want to size down.

Tahnee and Tory have a wide selection on their website for gifts to choose from, or goodies to add to your list. (Psst… you get 20% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter!)

From over a dozen different sweatshirts, tees and tanks, stickers, beanies (adding this one to my list now…) jackets, pants and more – the love for the PNW never stops with these two. 

Wish You Were Northwest Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

Business Beginnings

What always amazes me are small business owners who take the leap to make a passion their full-time jobs. And these two are succeeding. They’ve got an Instagram following that continues to surprise me, and they seem to have figured out how to balance work and play.

When they first started out, it was an Etsy shop – to think of how they have worked to get this business to become as successful as it is now, is admirable. Through their clothing, you feel like you could be sitting around a campfire, hiking through the forest or actually even enjoy sitting in Seattle traffic. It’s moody in the best way possible.

Washington Highlights

Tory’s favorite thing to do in Washington state includes road trips, music and exploring. Tahnee prefers spending a day in Leavenworth with their family. These two sisters are making their dreams come true. 

When I reached out to them to be a part of the gift guide and asked to get to know them better, they wrote: 

“Our families, our daily lives in the PNW, music we listen to, adventures we take. I (Tory) feel that coming up with shirt designs is very similar to writing songs. We always want the sentiments on our clothing to be authentic and true to us and come from our real-life experiences. We also just love being silly and laughing and embracing the light-hearted side of life, so that’s half of where our design inspo comes from!”

Wish You Were Northwest Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

During this crazy, awful, tiresome, and confusing year, I believe that we can all benefit more from being authentic, silly and embracing the small moments in life. 

If you’re still not convinced, these two have been featured in: 1889 Magazine 2019 Gift Guide, King 5 Evening TV, Seattle Magazine, 425 Magazine and more! 

I highly encourage you to follow their (very aesthetically pleasing) Instagram, sign up for their newsletter (get that 20% off!) and enjoy some comfortable clothing that will leave you feeling nostalgic for Washington, even if you live here. 

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  1. Jim on November 19, 2020 at 11:56 am

    I know them! I saw them walk by one time.

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