Gift Guide 2020: Shop Roast House Coffee

Explore Washington State was founded on the back of many cups of coffee late at night. Frankly, it is still being maintained on copious amounts of caffeine. 

Coffee has always been a focal point in our family’s lives. Let’s backtrack, Scott the founder of EWS, is my father. I can’t remember a time where coffee didn’t unite us. Much like the British serve a cuppa no matter what’s happening: Celebrating, funerals, on the best of days, and the worst of days, coffee has always been a bond that my dad and I have shared. 

Roast House Coffee Explore Washington State

A Passion For Coffee

Last year, Scott had a mission to visit as many coffee shops as possible. His father had recently passed, and just like before me, they shared an incredible bond over this brewed drink. If anyone can get emotional over a good (or bad) cup of coffee, it’s us. 

The Roast House in Spokane, is one of our favorite coffee shops. The daughter company, 1st Ave Coffee, also belongs to that group. 

So you can imagine when we had a chance to jump on creating our own Explore Washington State coffee blend, we didn’t have to think twice. 

It makes for a great stocking stuffer, and supports two businesses at once.

Roast House Coffee beans

Ethically Traded Coffee

What makes Roast House special? Honestly, they are just really, really cool. Almost like those cool kids in high school that you just want to be around. 

From their passion for where coffee originates from, they want you to think about: “Is your coffee grown in a clear-cut swath of rainforest, or as a part of the vibrant canopy itself?
Is it mixed with mold and pests, containing beans from different locations, or does it come from a single organic farm?”

Their coffee only sources organic and ethically traded coffees from reputable and sustainable sources. And when we stop and think about what a shady business coffee can (and oftentimes is) this is what we all should be aiming toward when making a purchase. 

Roast House is incredibly passionate about how the coffee is cultivated, but also, who is harvesting it, are they being paid fairly, and are the beans grown on large scale methods containing chemicals. The amount of thought put into what they source is beyond what we are capable of imagining.

Roast House Coffee beans

Learn About Coffee

Their tasting room in Spokane completes the experience of enjoying your coffee. When COVID is over, we encourage all of you to take a trip, and experience their movement. They pair coffee enthusiasm with education, and can answer any question you throw their way.

 “When you walk through our doors we are ready to talk roasting, sustainability, and organic coffee sourcing. Come by to learn how we prioritize environmentalism and why it contributes to the overall quality of your cup.”

F1rst Avenue Coffee owned by Roast House Coffee in the Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

We highly recommend Roast House Coffee, not only for their values and morals, but because it’s so damn good.

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