Gift Guide 2020: Shop Ridge Line Rings

Welcome back to another thread of our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. We are so ecstatic that you’ve been following along so far, and even more excited to introduce a new young Washington state business: Ridge Line Rings

No matter who you’re shopping for this year, there is no doubt that they will love a ring with an amazing story. 

Founder, and one-man show, Graham Silcher first began making rings years ago after he decided to learn how to make bentwood rings as a Mother’s Day present for his mom. It sparked a passion to create inside of him that began to flourish.  

Ridge Line Ring Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

What Is A Bentwood Ring?

If you’re like me, and aren’t up to date on jewelry niches, this is for you! 

A Bentwood Ring is made from thin strips of wood that need to be steamed, bent around a circular guide and fitted. It is a labor of love, and time – meaning that each piece has been created for its destined owner. Bentwood rings have several advantages, mostly being that they don’t have weak points like traditional wood rings. Their profiles are sleeker, they are also completely waterproof. Layered with nine coats of high-strength polymer, these rings can hold up to daily stresses. 

With a background in biology and chemistry, Graham has put his knowledge to use when creating these small, but mighty pieces of art.

Ridge Line Rings Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

Versatile And Functional

Originally from Montana, he grew up on a ranch, exploring nature before moving to Spokane for university. Three years ago, he began Ridge Line Rings, and he strives to provide a product that is both versatile and functional. 

He finds immense joy in seeing the connections people make to his pieces. “Whether it is due to the wood being from a significant region to them, a favorite stone inlay, or simply a design that speaks to them, it’s amazing to see their excitement in what I do.” 

Ridge Line Rings Explore Washington State 2020 Gift Guide

Recently he has begun making rings with Elk Antler bands. These bands are “perfect for the outdoor, adventure enthusiast.” With dozens of styles, Grahams rings make for an extremely personal holiday gift. 

Want to learn more about Graham? Follow him on Instagram and check out our recent podcast with him.

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